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  1. Hey! My name is Tanya, and I am the Service Manager at TOPDON. We specialize in professional car OBD diagnose tools. I am reaching out to you on the possibility of getting either an editorial or a video review for our featured OBD2/EOBD ArtiLink 201 Auto Code Scanner.
    This product checks engine error codes with O2 Sensor Test, Views Freeze Frame Data, Reads and Clears DTC. It has extensive coverage (works on all 1996 and newer OBD II and CAN compliant vehicles) and simple manipulation (One click I/M readiness for a quick check). Besides, it has exclusive OBD II diagnostics, efficient monitoring and supports multiple languages. Please find more details of the product here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074M6KHDH.
    If you are interested in reviewing our latest OBD2/EOBD Auto Code Scanner, please let me know and I will send out a free sample for you to review.
    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Tanya,
      I have read about your product and if it does what it says then it is worth reviewing. I will be glad to add it to my site for my visitors to see what a great tool it is.


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