Autel Maxisys Mini Ms905 Engine Scan Tool Is A Favourite Of Many. My Review Reveals Why. Let’s Know


Autel Maxisys Mini Ms 905 Diagnostic Scanner and Analysis System Review

Autel Maxisys Mini Ms905 is a powerful and extraordinary automobile diag tool. It tends to be the best solution for handling diagnosis and repairing jobs at professional level. This tool comes with ultra-mobility and fantastic design that is developed to provide a high-speed performance and covering as many vehicles as possible. The device incorporates the wireless technology. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features of the tool work efficiently and at speed. No hassle at all.


In autel maxisys scan tool I found some remarkable features while reviewing the device such as it’s speed, vehicle library, storage space and multitouch functionality. On the other hand, against the value that it provides, the price is quite reasonable. Let’s have a detailed look at what the Autel is providing its buyers with Maxisys Mini Ms 905:


  • It’s not too small or too big in size. I must say it’s a fairly sized product. Big enough so as to display the data clearly and small enough so as to be an easy to carry scan tool.
  • Made for a typical repairing shop. It has a super protective rubber case around it that makes it a rough and tough device that is a necessity for any tool made for busy workshops.
  • It acts as a data organizer. The diagnostic data is segregated and displayed under different folders so as you can better analyze the scanned troubles one by one.
  • Designed for busy repairing shops. The speed is blazing fast as this maxisys scanner is studded with Cortex A-9 Quad Core Processor – The fastest processor in any scan tool so far. Boots up in just 20 Seconds.
  • Never loses the data. Just with one click, you can upload all the data to a cloud-storage. So as any customer history can be retrieved anytime in the future.
  • The best feature is it’s display screen. The device is a two-part tool. The main device has a full width display screen and the controller buttons are on a separate device. Tough, for the sake of ease, you can activate a virtual on-screen keyboard.
  • The device is wi-fi and bluetooth enabled tool. You can take a print out using a wi-fi printer.
  • It already covers 80+ vehicles yet Code Updates are free for the next 12 months. That makes it a future proof device.

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  • Expensive for individuals or small shop owners.
  • You can carry the device in hand or in a bag but it’s too big to slide into a pocket.

How Autel Maxisys Mini-905 Engine Scanner Tool Serves You

  • Tempting Outlook: The device is designed so ergonomically that it puts an everlasting visual impact on its users. The device is made of sturdy plastic and rubber protection. It prevents the tool from any breakage. Also, the device comes with a small fabric mini carry case for an extra layer of protection. The touch screen is anti-tempered.
  • Fantastic Data Display & Speed: The device provides high-speed performance as it’s system boots up in just 20 seconds. Also, its super fast processor makes it a quick task performing scan tool.
    The device has a crystal clear wide glossy screen that displays data very clearly and efficiently. The scanned data is displayed in multiple formats like plain text and graphs for better analysis. It represents the live data in the form of graphs, text, digital gauge and analog.
  • Multitasking: As the tool is Android 4.0 Ice Cream based, it supports multitasking with ease. Not only it helps the users to manage multiple applications at a time, plus, keeps an eye on other diagnostic processes running behind the system. The 7.9” of IPS LED capacitive display allows you to freely use your all fingures on the device. Additionally, it has an HD display with screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels.
    You can configure display options, reports, playbacks live results, set triggers, ECU coding, actuation tests, and adaptations with a single touch.
  • Next Level Technology: The Autel MaxiSYS Mini MS905 uses the most superior “AutoVIN” technology. Thus, diagnose the complex problems within minutes, examines the fault codes efficiently, and organizes the detailed information in an intuitive manner. As soon as you plug it in your vehicle it does all the complex diagnostics on its own.
  • Smart Scanning: The tool comes with built-in Auto-Scan function that enables its users to diagnose any CAN vehicle. Also, the scanning tool effectively detects and scans the most complicated diagnosable ECU systems in vehicles and displays the data separately for both the engine and the ECU.
  • Amazing Eye: The device has a fantastic 5 mega-pixel auto-focus camera with a flashlight that enables you to capture high-res images and shoot the videos even under a low-light. The images are blur proofed and crystal clear.
  • Easy To Handle: The overall weight of the tool is approx. 700 grams that make it an easy to handle tool. The product comes with a carry bag that makes the storage easier.
  • Great VCI Connectivity: The device comes with an ultra-fast Wi-Fi technology and an LNG Range Class-1 Bluetooth. It enables a quick Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI). As the connection is wireless, the user can enjoy the freedom to fidget anywhere but lingering within the device range. 3G/4G compatibility and WCDMA module that never lets you down in terms of connectivity. It has an RJ45 Ethernet Connector that enables it to send and fetch data online simultaneously.


  • Powerful Hardware: Runs on Samsung Exynos A9 Cortex Quad-Core Processor 1.4GHz that is ultra fast. The 2GB of RAM can dump a lot of cache files without slowing down the device and built-in 32GB Sata Hard Drive gives you months of storage. You have enough time to upload the files to the cloud system or transfer to your PC before the Hard Drive is full to it’s capacity.
  • Extra Long Battery:Built with powerful rechargeable 5000 mAh 3.7 V lithium-polymer battery. Once charged can be used for up to 5 hours. The battery resolves the heating problem. It consumes 3.9W of power that keeps it’s operating Temperature to within -10 to 55 C and storage Temperature to within -20 to 70 C.

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Packed Accessories



The device comes with some additional accessories such as:

  • Wireless Diagnostic Interface (VCI). It’s a separate device that contains all the controller buttons.
  • 16-pin EOBD/OBD-II main cable to connect it to any OBD-II Dashboard.
  • A USB Cable to connect it to computer for any live updates or data transfer. The same can also be used to connect it to a printer for taking hard copies of the scanned data.
  • AC/DC 12v mains adapter with the UK plug to recharge the battery as quickly as possible.
  • A detailed and well illustrated user manual. Manual is indexed in such a way that you can quickly find details for any Diagnostic Code.
  • Although the device is plug-&-play yet a PC suite installation CD is there if needed.
  • A Soft screen cleaning cloth that is soft enough so as it doesn’t make any scratch on the screen but harsh enough to clean the dust.

Who The Autel Maxisys Mini-905 Engine Scanner Tool Is For

If you are a novice or just want a scanner tool for your own car on daily basis then, obviously, this device is not the right fit for you. The Autel Maxisys engine scanner tool is designed for the professionals only. Standards are set very high and so is the support and the price.

On the other hand, if you are an owner of a vehicle repairing shop and want a reliable scanner that can save you hardwork and time then, no doubt, this device is absolutely right for you. Just grab one and you won’t regret.

Is Autel Maxisys Mini-905 Right For You

Yes, of course, you can bet on this instrument. It is designed for the professionals. The device is not intended for the beginners. If you are in vehicle repairing game, then you should add this device to your toolkit as it will save you on your hours every time you have to diagnose a vehicle. Although the tool is not a cheap one but a fairly priced. It is a value for money deal. You must not bet your car repairing business on any cheap device out there.

Moreover, the user manuals, setup support, technical assistance by Autel won’t let you alone with any hassle-full situation. This scanner tool works smoothly and is easy to handle. Moreover, anytime that you need help, Autel Technical Department is there to help you. The device boasts of having a large pool of satisfied buyers and holds an extensive list of positive user reviews. What else are you looking for?

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