10 Best Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner For Experienced DIYs

OBD ii Scanner Review

If you are such a person good at fixing things, an avid Do-It-Yourself (DIY) especially in the area of automotive repairs. You would have come across or used an OBD2 diagnosing instrument.  On the other hand, if you have not, you may refer to yourself as a beginner to this whole thing about testing and fixing your vehicle yourself.

There are lots of such instrument out there that it could be somewhat overwhelming trying to choose one to buy. To be able to get stuff done one your car, simple basic repairs really, without having to waste time and money on a mechanic you need one of the best professional automotive diagnostic scanner.

That being the case, there is no way you would be willing to drop thousands of dollars for something which you are unsure how it will serve you in return. So, if you are looking for affordable range of auto diag scanners, we will provide you with a buying guide & list of top rated ones that are above $100 in this article.

Hence, continue reading about best professional automotive scan tools Once you’re done, you’ll be able to consider yourself far more knowledgeable than before. Also you should be able to make the best choice for yourself.

So, without further ado, read on below.

Why Buy The Best Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

Owning a professional diagnosing scanner is very helpful when you want to be able to diagnose different aspects of any type of automobile. Engine, ABS, Suspension, Ait Bag, and so on

The device will automatically read and analyze the automobile, giving you a detailed list about its diagnosis. With a wide range of possibilities to choose from, anyone will be able to perform various diagnostic tasks. The main advantages of owning a diagnostic scan tool are:

  • Check to see if your car is safe to drive and wont cause any damage
  • Save you money as you will not need to use a mecanics
  • Most recent data and write down codes
  • Scan vehicles before you buy them
  • Add/Modify current features i.e. full window closure

What You Get in a Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

A cheap scanner basically diagnoses fault codes when the check engine warning light shows up on your car’s dashboard. But a professional auto diag will go beyond mere scanning to guiding you to fixing what the problem was. It has a lot of what the expert’s scan tool has in functionality.

Some of the functions I want to point out so that you as a DIY enthusiast must look out for.

Popular Brands​

Well known manufacturers with a reputation for quality is more likely to produce the needed functionality into their products. As fake scan tools have slowly found their way into the market promising features that will stop working after being used a few times.

Cost Versus Value​

How much you’re  willing to spend may also determines the tool’s features you are willing to forgo. You should get what fits the price.

Bi-directional Functionality​

The ability to reprogram the electronic module and other vehicle on-board modules. A professional scanner should also be able to solve a  car’s efficiency & emission problem. Able to penetrate other vital components as suspension, ABS, temperature, airbag, steering, etc.​

Extensive Vehicle Coverage​

It should scan majority of vehicles sold today. If you have to diagnose older vehicles beyond year 1996, a professional scan tool should be able to handle such. Though some of these cars are fading, but it is good you have a tool that is compatible with classic cars.​ It may prove useful when the need arises

Wireless Capabilities​

With growing technologies, an ideal professional diagnostic scanner need to have a wireless function for mobility and portability. Bluetooth connection open communication with other devices, eg smartphones, printers, PCs.​

Display Size​

A better visual representation of diagnostic information is desirable of any professional scan tool. This is for an easier data reading ability to eliminate extended display or printing of any info.


A professional diagnostic scanner should be able to store data for future uses, hence in need to have a high memory for data storage. With an expandable memory capability, the better. The ones with only internal memory size will mean you have to delete older diagnostic information to save the new.​

Ease of Use

There should not be complicated process to operate the tool. A simple design makes it easy to use. Both in installation as well to view the info about the vehicle’s system.

Top 10 Best Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

INNOVA 3130c diagnostic scan tool/code reader

Where usage of OBD2 scans are concerned, you would always find INNOVA to be at the forefront of it, that too with good reason. This is because they have always managed to grab the spotlight as being a well-organized, innovative, and flexible company. So, where this company is concerned, there is absolutely no doubt that you would be getting the best product, both for yourself as well as for your car.

See Best Price on Amazon Here

Features, Specs & Reviews

In the case of some of its features, you would find it to be equipped with a multilingual data output. Simply put, this would allow the data to be interpreted by technicians all over the globe without encountering any sort of language barrier.

This device would also be capable of refreshing in a time interval of a couple of seconds. This has been made possible thanks to the introduction of an automated refresh system. With ambient and a well visible display, along with readiness checks, live data, and drive-cycle monitoring, this automotive diagnostic scanner would be a joy to use.

In terms of the things that were liked by the customers, it was the introduction of the language pack feature. Thanks to this, the need for a spot on translation was eliminated.

With a battery also being equipped as a backup system, the device could also be easily used in the event that the engine of the vehicle would be switched off. This would thus help to increase the efficiency and also making it possible for data to be transmitted from a switched-off engine.

With its fast service delivery, you would be able to derive solutions in no time at all. That means, you would be able to use this automotive diagnostic scanner by yourself without requiring the assistance of a skilled technician by your side.

Autel Maxilink ML619 CAN OBD II Code Reader +ABS/SRS Diagnostic Scan Tool

Where a professional automotive diagnostic scanner is talked about, you would also hear of the  Autel brand. Autel Maxilink  ml619 is ranked in my list. While keeping auto problems in mind, this device has been built to be of much help to you as would be possible. It has the same function as the Autel AL619.

You Can Read My Full Review of Autel Maxilink ML619 Here

Features, Specs & Reviews

The best part about this scanner is that you would find it to be highly compatible with majority vehicle types. So based on trouble codes that you might be facing with ABS, your engine lights, or SRS warning lights – this automotive scanner would easily be able to delve out the problem for you.

In addition to this tool offering some of the same features as the ones you would be able to find in ML609, it would come with the added benefits of code reading, clearing, and SRS system diagnosis.

Another great feature about this automotive diagnostic scanner is that it would allow you to view freeze frame data. This would save you the hassle of reading through and digesting all the information which is being presented to you. With the ability to freeze all this data, you would be able to store, read, print, and even playback these live sensor data and PMC data stream.

Thanks to all these features being made available on this automotive diagnostic scanner, it would not come as a surprise that users all over the world have been highly satisfied with it.

According to one reviewer, she has found it to be a good and comprehensive diagnostic tool that would be perfect for troubleshooting indicator lights and codes.

Xtool PS201 heavy duty OBD2 truck diagnostic scan tool code

This diagnostic scan tool has been found to be perfect for both diesel and gasoline vehicles. As if that was not enough to widen your choices, you would also find it to be quite compatible with all Asian and European models after the year 1996. So, even if you have an old model, that would be nothing to be overly worried about. This is because you will easily be able to determine the cause of the check engine light.

Features, Specs & Reviews

Thanks to this automotive diagnostic scanner, you would be able to clear codes, check engine lights, and also reset monitors.

With the help of the freeze frame feature, you would be able to pause the screen and also look in to it in detail. Not only would it make it highly convenient for you to identify the problem, but it would also mean that you would be able to go back and look into it in further detail. Once you hook it up with the internet, you would also get the chance to read live data.

In addition, whenever a new update would roll around, you would be instantly notified. This would entail that you could continue using this diagnostic scanner without encountering any sort of hiccups.

The best part about this Xtool diagnostic scan tool is its small size. Upon looking at it, a lot of people might automatically jump to the conclusion that it would not have the necessary power to get the job done. However, you would be surprised to find out that it packs quite a punch, despite its small size.

It has been found to be powerful enough to retrieve the same amount of information as an expensive workshop level scanner.

Despite all its glory, some customers have also complained that it does not tend to work well with trucks. One particular customer has complained that it did not work well with their ISUZU truck, thus being highly disappointed. Even then, there is no doubt that it would work well with other cars and models.


Launch CRP129 Premium CReader Professional Code Reader Scanner

The Launch CRP129 Premium also known as CRP129 PRO or simply CRP129P is an upgrade from it’s predecessor, the Launch CRP 129. With added features and better build this scan tool has gained the heart of many users. A lot of developement was put into creating that it’s sure you’ll fall in love with it as soon as you begin using it.

The old Launch CRP129 has a major down side that most people who bought found it to be a pain in the neck. Complains that some of the features are complicated and technical, but that with time and constant usage one would soon get the hang of it.

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Features, Specs & Reviews

The major upgrades you’ll enjoy from  CRP129 PREMIUM is

  1. Bigger screen – with a 0.5″ increase you now have a better views of graphs & more.
  2. Bigger memory – From 1GB to 8GB makes it faster in operation & better.
  3. Upgraded hardware – it now has a handle for proper grip, bigger buttons for clearer visibility, improved irreconcilability. All these makes it much easier to operate
  4. More Vehicle Models – The addition of more vehicle models makes it appeal to more customers, especially India and Brazil Manufacturers eg. Mahindra, Maruti, Suzuki, Tata, Fiat (Brazil), HOLDEN;

Among it’s main functions, you would be able to use the scan tool to test transmission, engine, airbag, and ABS systems. O2 (Lambda) sensor test, EVAP system test, Read current, pending and permanent DTC’s  & Clear it,  Support DTCs help.

It supports all 10 modes of obd2 test for a more accurate and efficient vehicle diagnosis. Not only that, but it tends to support online and multi-language upgrade. So no matter what your native tongue might be, you would be able to use this digital scan code tool without facing a hitch.

Amongst the special functions, that would include – electronic parking brake reset (EPB), support of engine oil reset (OIL LAMP), BMS (Battery Management System), and steering angle sensor reset SAS.

With so many models being covered, you would soon be able to understand that a lot of thought has been put into creating this automotive diagnostic scanner. Just name one brand and you would find it to already been included in the list.

With comprehensive hardware configuration, you would find this tool to be a joy to use – something unlike anything that you have come across. With bright colors of red and black, it is eye-catching without looking over the top. As for the size, that also seem to fit just right.

With faster diagnosis, you would be able to identify the problems faster. This would help you to save both your money and time

In terms of customer reviews, this product has been found to be highly satisfactory. Once you plug it up with your laptop, you would be able to get the inside information about your vehicle.

The best part is that you would be able to read live data both from inside your garage and also on the move. This would allow you to get more accurate data about the engine performance and also other systems such as fuel and air intake values.

Since it has also been used on a variety of cars and trucks, no problems have been encountered as such. All in all, a truly great product for the price it is being offered at.

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Actron CP9680 Autoscanner Plus OBDII/ABS/Airbag Scan Tool With Coloured Screen

Since we are talking about professional automotive diagnostic scanner for DIY’s, it would not come as a surprise that you would be looking for something compact and easy to use. If that is the case, then you could give the Actron CP9680 a try.

Features, Specs & Reviews

It comes with tri-lingual menu and easy to read LED color screen, reading live data and identifying problems would be a breeze.

Since it has also been found to be compatible with most 1996 European and Asian models, it would not be difficult to find your car to be included in the list.

Another amazing feature of this scan tool would be the ability to record and playback, along with graph live engine data.

Click Here To See Best Buy

More so , you’ll be able to print data via the PC. The reason why this point is being emphasized is because there might arise certain problems which would be beyond your level of understanding. Hence, if you would like to make your mechanic understand about the current problem at hand, then you would have to explain it in details. So rather than taking the additional hassle and confusing things, you would easily be able to print and hand the diagnostics report to your technician. They would take a look at the whole thing and would then understand about what would need to be done.

Where customer reviews are concerned, people have been highly satisfied after using this product. While it does take a while to get the hang of things, the time would definitely be well spent. Thanks to it working perfectly, it has met and even exceeded expectations of a lot of people.

The bonus feature would be the suggested repair options which truly sets it apart from the other scan tools. Simply put, if you would like to work on your own car in the modern day and age, then this diagnostic scanner would be the way to go.

Autel MaxiDiag updated MD808 professional automotive OBD2 scanner

In terms of the best professional automotive diagnostic scanner, you would also find the name Autel MaxiDiag to be included in the list. Just measuring four inches and with 16GB of memory, along with a very good display screen size – you would find yourself to be immediately drawn to it.

Features, Specs & Reviews

Not only would it allow you to access to data stream in all the modules, but it would also clear and read codes in them. Thanks to all its detailed instructions, it would allow service technicians to perform even the most basic and common service functions. All of this could be done without requiring an expensive diagnostic tool.

The functions also include electronic brake caliper release, light resets, diesel particulate filter regenerates, steering angle sensor resets, and also battery maintenance resets. The component tests and on-board monitor means that you would be able to get all the codes and information at the palm of your hand.

When reviewing a product, that would not be complete without highlighting some of its good aspects. One of it would be the ability to see sensors operate in real time and then plot it on a graph. Thanks to this, not only has the experience been highly joyful, but invaluable as well.

Click Here To See Best Buy

With so many OBD2 scanners being labelled as “professional” in the market, this one has been found to have the highest cost performance ratio. Aside from all the features that it would be able to provide, it has been found to be extremely affordable for DIY-ers that would like to get a real professional tool.

However, one thing that you would need to keep in mind is following the updates since these are considered to be a must. You should keep in mind to create an Autel account so that you would be able to update your unit. The Maxi PC Suite should also be downloaded so that not only would your software be updated, but it would also allow to print content off your device.

That being said, this has been built to take your diagnostic experience to a whole new level.

Foxwell  NT630 Plus Automotive ABS Scanner

It would be a good idea to mention the Foxwell Automotive ABS Scanner NT630 Plus. Considered to be flexible and innovative for all car owners out there, you would soon begin to understand that it has remained true to its word as soon as you find out the features that makes it kind of outstanding.

Features, Specs & Reviews

In addition to having extensive coverage of vehicles, it also able to provide you with professional and accurate diagnostic of airbag and Abs faults.

With 52 manufacturers being included in the coverage, you would be surprised to find that some of the latest 2016/2017 models have also been included in the list.

It would allow you to use the scan tool temporarily active or control ABS/Airbag component or system.

With Foxwell NT630 Plus automotive ABS scanner, you would also be able to check electronic components such as sensors, switches, actuators, and relays. All this would make repairing your car a simple task, thus saving you both precious time and money.

With live data graphing, you would be able to merge graphs for intuitive and easy diagnosis. The code troubleshooters would be able to provide you with easier and faster diagnosis.

Since this is an automotive diagnostic scanner that we are talking about, ergonomics and design is also something which would need to be talked about. With menu-driven operations and the Multilingual menu option, using this scan tool would be as easy as reading 1-2-3. The ergonomic design would easily be able to tell you that it has been ruggedly built for both road and shop tests.

Where customer reviews are concerned, majority of them have been found to be highly positive. In addition to the design being made to look and feel good on the outside, the insides have been found to be highly satisfactory as well. A sturdy case and a clear-looking screen would entail that you would not face any problems with the scanner. Because it would have all that you need in order to ensure that you would go through the emissions test without any problems.

Not only would it read and reset the faulty codes, but it would also show you the readiness of the system for the emissions test. Also, if you would be facing any sort of issues, you could easily contact the customer service. All in all, you would find this scan code tool to work like a charm.

Launch CReader 8011 Automotive OBDII/EOBD Diagnostic Scan Tool for ABS/SRS, Support EPB/BMS and Oil Service Light Resets

launch creader 8011 code reader scanner review

This is a company that you would find to be dedicated to detection, vehicle diagnosis, tire equipment, maintenance, production, and research and development. So, with its strong core of values, you would obviously be expecting something good and out of the box. That is exactly what you would be able to get with this Launch diagnostic code reader.

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Features, Specs & Reviews

Termed to be a multi-purpose diagnostic tool with a four-inch color display, it also tends to feature multiple test functions so that it would be able to meet different requirements of EPB reset, oil reset, SAS reset, BMS reset, and ABS bleeding.

Amongst the basic functions, it would include reading frame freeze and live data, clear DTCs, turning off the check engine light, and a quick check on the emission test. All you would have to do is connect the diagnostic cable with the DLC socket of your vehicle.

The I/M readiness status function would also notify you about the readiness of your vehicle for the emissions test. This can then help you to pass the smog test, thus saving you both time and money.

The next thing is the customer reviews. According to one reviewer, they were highly impressed with the delivery with the purchase being delivered right on time, well packed, and in perfect condition.

In terms of performance, the product tended to work just the way it was advertised. Aside from ticking all the boxes in the features list, it was also found to be a great tool to determine the emission status of your vehicle.

That being said, even if you would not have automotive experience of any sort, you would easily be able to diagnose your car for trouble codes and then erase them.

Autel Maxidas DS808 automotive diagnostic tool


maxidas ds808 diagnostic scanner review

Autel has been known to be one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of professional diagnostic tools in the world. Ever since they have begun, they have been committed to creating maximum long-term value all over the world.

The Autel MaxiDas DS808 is an advance version of the renown DS708. The added new features makes it as good as the MS908, which is better than the old Maxidas DS708 model, while selling at an even better price than both models.

You may be interested in Reading Maxidas DS708 Review or probably  Review of MaxiSYS MS906

With about $40 more you can get the upgrade that comes with a FULL CONNECT KIT called DS808K – See It’s Features Here Also

Built for the price-conscious technician and DIY enthusiast, this is the ideal solution to manage your cost-effective repairs.

Features, Specs & Reviews

With a 7-inch LCD touchscreen, you would be able to get maximum efficiency and convenience for your diagnosis.

The extensive coverage of almost 80 vehicle makes would entail that it would not be a trouble to find your car model in the list.

Click Here To See Best Buy of Autel Maxidas DS808

The instant remote control support and online community would make this diagnostic tool a joy to use. With the Wi-Fi printing capability, you would be able to print out recorded data anytime and anywhere. You would also be able to record and playback live data in order to pinpoint troubles of components and sensors.

With so many good things being said about it, you would find the customer reviews to mirror the same opinion. Even though this is being touted as a scanner tool for the experienced DIYs, master technicians have found this to be highly valuable as well.

BlueDriver Bluetooth professional OBDII scan tool

BlueDriver - Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool Scanner for iPhone iPad Android

Considered to be the complete trusted solution, there is no way that you would be able to go wrong with this scan tool. This is because it would match your vehicle’s model, make, trouble code, and year to a specific fix from a database of over 30 million fixes.

Click Here To See Full Review

Features, Specs & Reviews

This, along with the app of the same name, you would be able to get a complete vehicle repair solution. No other scan tool would be able to give you such an in-depth insight.

Other than that, you would be able to customize your Live Data Dashboard so that each data source could be used as a gauge, graph, or digital display.

You would also be able to check if your vehicle is ready for a smog test.

Final Verdict of Our Top 10 Best Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

Thus, that brings us to the end of the review for the best professional automotive diagnostic scanner. While all of them have generated pretty good and positive reviews, there are three which have managed to stand out from the pack.

These are – Autel MaxiDas DS808, Autel MaxiLink ML619, Actron CP9680 autoscanner Plus, and Launch OBD2/EOBD diagnostic code reader. This is because these have been found to be well-rounded in all aspects. Hopefully this would be enough for you to make a smart and informed decision at the end of the day.


In terms of labeling yourself as a car enthusiast, you might do it with pride rather than shame.  Hence, you would do all that you can to make sure that your money would be well-invested.

So, in the case of your car, you would often find that there might be certain things wrong with it. Thanks to the introduction of technology and the various advancements being made in it, you would find your task to be much easier. Because you would easily be able to determine the source or cause of the problem.

The best part is that identification will be done in a correct or appropriate manner. Once that is done, it becomes quite easy for you to solve it. Once you would get that out of the way, you will find your car to be running as smooth as silk.


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