Fluke 117 Multimeter Review & Comparison With 115, 114, 116 Multimeters

Fluke 117 Multimeter Review & Comparison With 115, 114, 116 Multimeters

fluke 117 multimeter electricians true rms multimeter

The Fluke 117 true RMS is a member of the fluke multimeter series. It is a unique device with distinctive features. This is the main reason why its stands out from the rest of the Fluke digital Multimeters.

Fluke 117 can be used in very high demanding settings and buildings such as schools and hospitals among other commercial settings. This Fluke RMS Multimeter is not only capable of measuring frequency and capacitance but also resistance, voltage and current capabilities among others.

Based on the above statements, there is no doubt Fluke 117 is worth checking out as it stands out as one of the best Multimeter. It will definitely serve you well.

Features of The Fluke 117 Multimeter

Here are some features which make Fluke 117 stands out from the rest of the previous Fluke series versions:

First, the 117 version is designed and built in USA.

fluke 117 multimeter-is-portable-durable-high-quality

One feature which most people love is the fact it is smaller compared to other fluke meters. It actually weighs 400grams.

That’s not all; it is designed in a manner it provides you with an easy compact hand grip while operating it. So, you no longer have to worry about your sweating hands.

In addition, it is installed with a non contact detection feature which prevents secondary voltage detection by other nearby tools.

Fluke 117 has a true RMS which helps to accurately detect the non-linear loads. Electricians can highly depend on this device to help prevent inaccurate readings caused by ghost voltage.

This device works perfectly well in poorly lit areas. You no longer have to worry about lighting anymore.

This electricians true rms multimeter also has optical magnetic hangers for hands free operations.

There are other amazing features not highlighted here. It is really amazing to find such a feature being offered at such an affordable rate.

Here is a list of what is included when a person purchases the multimeter, fluke 117;

a manual, meter, probe leads, 9v battery (400hr) and lastly rubber holster.


As stated earlier; the fluke 117 has a small and shapely design. It is also light. However; the above features don’t deter this powerful device from giving a very long service to its users. It is fair to state our device is uniquely designed to enable easier control with a single hand.

A person is able to operate this device perfectly with a thump when held in the left hand. One is therefore capable of monitoring or adjusting the 117 fluke multimeter in case there is nowhere to place it.

Moving on, its battery compartment stands out from the previous versions. It is accessible by opening a single screw. There is no need of removing the entire holster.

Who can really dispute that fluke 117 is the best Multimeter ever created?


Safety is very important when operating any form of device. Manufacturers of Fluke 117 have really done a perfect job when it comes to safety. There is an 11amp HRC ceramic fuse which protects the Multimeter from overloading.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The internal baffle also provides protection for the circuitry. A person should not really worry about his/her security when operating this device.

Display and Labels

To most people this display feature is both impressive and disappointing at some point. It is stated the display of this device can be improved.

Well, let us find out if the above statement is true or not.

The LCD display is highly visible as it influences the quality level of this device.

This feature can be wiped out within a short time. However; this LCD display has a LED backlight, which makes the screen visible even in the dark. All icons are displayed clearly.

Lastly; the Fluke 117 true RMS multimeter stands out from the rest of the previous series as its multi-segment bar graph is not only accurate but also responsive within seconds.

Advantages of using the Fluke 117 RMS Multimeter

Here are some advantages of using this outstanding device:


  • It has a large back-light screen. This means that it can be easily used in a poorly lit environment.
  • It is small and portable. This feature makes people prefer Fluke 117 to other fluke Multimeter version.
  • It is high in quality. A purchase of this device not only guarantees quality results but also a very long durable service.
  • It is one of the few devices which can accurately measure non-linear loads.
  • Fluke 117 has one of the most responsive bar graph
  • It has unique features such as auto volt settings and non-contact voltage detection. These features impact the accuracy of this device.
  • Fluke 117 batteries can be easily accessed. You simply have to open a single screw.
  • It is very accurate when checking the frequency. This is the reason why most experts prefer using it.


Sadly; each device has a few disadvantages. Here are a few disadvantages about Fluke 117:

  • There is a room for improvement when it comes to resolution display
  • It does not measure low currents such as micro amps among others.
  • It has no case

Comparison between Fluke 117 Vs 115,114 and 116 fluke Multimeters

We are going to see how Fluke 117 outshines the previous Fluke Multimeters.

Fluke 115 Multimeter:

Fluke 115 isn’t a new device to most of you. It was once ranked among the best Multimeter before the launching of the 117.

Fluke 115 is commonly referred as Field service Technician Multimeter. It has a true RMS for accurate voltage readings.

However; it doesn’t have low impedence. In addition, it also lacks Auto volt or an automatic selection between AC and DC voltage.

The above device can only measure the following; resistance, continuity, capacitance and frequency among others.

Based on the above information, it is evident that Fluke 117 outshines the above device, Fluke 115.

Fluke 114 Multimeter:

Moving on, Let us have a look at Fluke 114 version.  It can also be referred to as the electrician Multimeter.

  1. It is capable of providing accurate results even when in an environment full of interference from motors and power supplies among others.
  2. Fluke 114 is capable of only testing continuity and resistance. However; it is not capable of measuring frequency, current and capacitance. There is no chance Fluke 114 can outdo 117.Our device is capable of measuring all the five aspects. It is evident that fluke 117 comes out as the best.

Fluke 116 Multimeter:

There has been a heated debate between the Fluke 116 Multimeter and our Fluke 117 RMS Multimeter, on which one is the best device.

Let us look at some features of the Fluke 116 and come up with a quality analysis.

Fluke 116 is the HVAC Multimeter. There is no doubt it is unique as it can measure micro amp. It is therefore suitable for testing flame sensors.

Just like Fluke 117, it is capable of measuring frequency, continuity, resistance, capacitance and test diodes.

However the Electricians True RMS Multimeter stands out from the HVAC Multimeter in the following aspects: T

  1. The Multimeter 117 not only has an auto power off but has a low battery warning.
  2. Secondly; our device is an upgrade of all the earlier versions. There is no device at the moment which can outdo the Fluke 117 Multimeter.

How to Identify a Genuine Fluke 117

Our current market is very corrupt. This is the reason you have to be careful or you might end up purchasing a counterfeit or an old Fluke 117. Recently; cases have risen where people have lost their money from purchasing fake products. We are here to help you with some tips which will guide you when purchasing the Fluke 117 Multi-meter.

It is very important for you to have a rough idea of how the device looks like. This can easily help you to identify if the product is genuine or counterfeit.

Secondly; always ask their distributors. This will be able to identify if they are registered or not.

Always ensure you have all the features of the Fluke 117 Multimeter on your fingertip or written somewhere. This helps counter-check if everything is there.

The last step involves testing the device. Never accept any device that has not been tested in your presence. This helps identify it the device is faulty or genuine. This step involves touching the device and carefully observing it.


The above information is enough to prove that the Fluke 117 Multimeter stands out from the rest and it deserves to be rated the best multimeter in the market right now. It is not only very accurate but easy to use.

This is one reason why most electricians use the device.

We all love quality devices, isn’t it? The Fluke 117 Multimeter meets all the set requirements. It can provide accurate service for a very long time. You no longer have to worry about constant repair or replacement.

If you are looking for accurate results when measuring frequency, current, resistance, capacitance and test diodes, Purchase Fluke 117 today.

Please note that prices differ depending on the stall, website or hardware you visit. It is very important to ask for catalogues in different places to identify the cheapest place to purchase your device.

Q & A About Fluke 117 Multimeter

Q: Is the Fluke 117 manual or auto-ranging?
A: Unlike many other multimeters, the Fluke 117 is both manual and auto-ranging.

Q: I need to measure AC and DC current?  Can I do that with the Fluke 117?
A: Yes, the Fluke 117 will measure both AC and DC current, between 6.0A and 10.0A.  To do so, the circuit must be broken and the 117 inserted in series.  If you do not want to open the circuit and would prefer a less invasive test, you would need a clamp meter.

Q: Besides voltage and current, what other tests can I conduct with the Fluke 117.
A: The Fluke 117 can perform a variety of tests, including resistance, frequency, continuity, capacitance, and many others.  Please see the product specifications for full details.

Q: Will I also have to buy test leads?  Do they come with the meter?
A: You will not have to buy test leads – the Fluke TL75 are included.  The Fluke 117 also comes with a holster, user manual, and a 9 volt battery.

Q: Is there a way to hang the meter, so I don’t have to hold it?  This way my hands are freed up to hold the test leads.
A: Yes.  The Fluke TPAK is a magnetic device which can be attached to any ferrous metal, or turned into a loop so you can hang it on a nail, hook, or any other object.  T

Q: How do I measure temperature with the Fluke 117?

A: To measure temperature with this unit you need the Fluke 80tk temperature adapter. If you need to measure temperature you may want to consider the Fluke 116 which has this feature built in or the Fluke 175 series which also has temperature features built in as well as a lifetime warranty.

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