Actron CP9125 OBD-II Auto Scanner Review (UNBIASED)

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Actron CP9125 PocketScan
1) So easy-to-use & perfect for both novice and moderately experienced do-it-yourself mechanics.
2) Gives you the ability to quickly determine the cause of a Check Engine light coming on.
3) Allows you to clear the DTCs and turn off the Check Engine Light.
4) Also displays the number of DTCs, Malfunction Indicator Light status, and Emissions status.
5) 1 year warranty with lifetime technical support via their website or toll free helplines.
RATINGS: 4.6 out of 5 Stars

Actron CP9125 PocketScan code reader helps you to diagnose engine malfunctions without the need to know the nitty-gritty of car mechanism. It is equipped with about 5000 error codes that are common engine faults.

It’s a good investment to ensure the longer life of your vehicle’s engine and cutting on the repairing bills. All you need do is plug this scanner into the vehicle dashboard. It will search for the troubled area and reach back with an OBD error code telling you exactly what’s wrong with your engine. If it’s a minor problem you can fix yourself, go ahead and voilà you’ve saved on a visit to the auto repairing shop as well as a bill.

Even if you can’t repair it yourself and have to visit a repair center yet you know what to get fixed and have an idea about a legit amount to pay.

How To Use Actron CP9125 POCKETSCAN

Actron CP 9125 OBD II device scans the individual functions of the engine and wherever an error is returned it displays an error code correlated to that problem. Along with the scanner, you are provided with a code-manual as well. The manual explains all such codes in a layman language with some visual images.

Although there are some exceptions but most of the vehicles haven an OBD-II (On Board Diagnostic Version 2) or CAN (Controller Area Network) systems in them.  which acts as an interface between the engine and a code scanner like Actron CP9125. All you need to do is just plug this pocket scanner into the system and it will check the engine for possible malfunctions.

Have you ever got stuck in a situation where your “Check Engine Light” is on indicating about a possible malfunction in the vehicle but you have no idea what it is all about or how to turn the alarming light off? Even worse, you approach a car-repair and service and they hand you over a large bill.

The irony is you can’t even verify the bill is legit or not as you can’t diagnose the car yourself. Long story short, you need something like the Actron CP9125 OBD II scanner. In this review, I will explain how this pocket-fit code reading scan device can cut your vehicle repairing costs.

How Much is The Cost of Actron CP 9125?

Although as it is a “pocket code reader” so it’s also “pocket friendly” just under $60. But don’t just take my word for it.

So just note down the returned error code, find the same in the manual and you will know what is slowing your vehicle down. Either repair it yourself, if you can, or hire a mechanic. But you know what the fault is and how much to pay to the mechanic.

That’s amazing, isn’t it?

Interesting Things About Actron PocketScan CP9125 Scanner

  • An OBD 16 PIN connector that works with most cars having OBD-II or CAN systems. The 17-inches short cable allows users to easily attach it with most of the cars.
  • It has a basic design and has a small monochromic LCD light screen display. But the pixel clarity is good and it’s not hard to check the visual data on the screen.
  • 2 switches interface for toggling through its menus and error codes. Even a newbie can understand how to use Actron 9125 OBD II Scanner, just with having a look at it. It’s quite self-explanatory.
  • The device can easily slide into your pocket or you can carry it like a cell phone in hand. In particulars, it is 10 inches in length, 6 inches in breadth and 1.8 inches in height. The total weight of this scanning tool is approximately 12.3 Ounces.


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  • Simple and easy to use. Even a novice can use it in his first attempt. No complex navigational buttons or programming stuff.
  • A very handy and compatible design. You can easily carry it in your pocket, palm or can keep it in the car’s dashboard.
  • Although a 17” cable is provided but you can extend it any time with attaching a new cable. You might need this if you have a big van kind of vehicle.
  • Compatible with external devices like PC and Printers so as you can take print outs or do any further analysis.
  • Compatible with a wide range of OBD-II studded vehicles. At the same time, it is update-able and can be used with the vehicles supposed to be launched in future. All you need to do is connect it with the internet and hit the update button.
  • Also shows the emission status. That makes it more than just an engine scanner tool.
  • It allows you to turn the Check Engine Light off even if the engine is not repaired yet but keeps on reminding you about the errors in engine. Contact a mechanic soon.
  • It also enables you to erase the Diagnostic Trouble Codes once the repairing is done. For your future reference, you can transfer the data to a computer.
  • It has a special online diagnostic software that helps to figure the actual problem out, explains the codes and provides further suggestions.
  • The device is backed up by 1 year of the warranty. It might seem short but, at the same time, the brand provides lifetime technical support via its website or its toll free helplines. Just mind their working hours.
  • Pre-Loaded with 5000+ Trouble Codes. Those are more than enough and covers almost every day-to-day engine related errors. You might rarely require the services of a professional, at least, for the diagnostic purpose.
  • Available with a user manual and a CD containing 20 pages of code explanations. Useful imagery and animations are used to clarify some complex engine terms and errors. In short, you won’t find any difficulty understanding what this little gadget want to tell you about your engine.
  • The company also provides a soft carrying case along with the tool for easy storage.
  • The value provided by the device surpasses its cost as you can find out the engine troubles much earlier than the symptoms become obvious. Thus, it extends your vehicle life.

Things You May not Like About Actron 9125 OBD II Pocket Scanner

  • For some SUVs and big vans, the cable supplied with the device might fall short and you might have to buy an additional cable to extend it.
  • It can read error codes only for the engine and won’t help you at all with car’s body, chassis or networking problems.
  • It erases the Diagnostic Trouble Codes from it’s memory, by default, once the engine is repaired. So if you want to pull the car history out, at a later stage, you can’t do that.
  • It doesn’t provide any description of the problem along with the error code so you have to scour through the 20-Pages Actron 9125 manual to find the details for the correlated error.
  • Doesn’t work with the vehicles manufactured prior to 1996 or have OBD System Version 1.

Who The Autel Actron 9125 OBD ii Pocket Scanner Tool Is For

Basically, the device is manufactured for every car owner in general. The purpose of this handy scan tool is to provide every car owner with a compatible and fairly priced tool that can help them keeping track on their vehicles health. The device helps car owners to give a first check if the check engine light is on. Many times the problem is a minor one and you can fix it yourself.

To make it for anyone, it is designed to be very beginner friendly. All you need to do is just plug it into your car’s OBD II dashboard and see it scanning. Just scroll through the code errors that it returns. In short, nothing complicated or fancy data analysis.

For the same purpose, it is designed to be fit in a pocket and the price is set so as to suit everyone’s pocket. If you are concerned about your vehicles lifetime, don’t look past this great blend of quality and price and order it today and you can easily self diagnose car faults.

So Should You Buy Actron CP9125 PocketScan Or Not?

Long story short, it is not just about diagnosing the engine faults. It can also be used to verify that weather the mechanic, who is saying repairing is done, has carefully repaired the engine or not. Before paying to the mechanic, Just plug the scanner again and find out if it returns any error codes. Isn’t that enough to invest in buying this little companion?

I don’t say that the Actron 9125 OBD II Pocket Scanner is a perfect device to find out each and every engine trouble.  You can’t use the device for finding out some complex engine troubles. But such critical errors occur rarely and it is not a wise decision buying some expensive scanner for them. Just go with Actron CP9125 Pocket Scanner and you will be fine. Hope this review helped.

On the other hand if your car is an expensive one and you can afford it, find a mid range tool like one of the best best PRO auto diagnostic scanner made for enthusiasts who want to be able to do more repairs on their automobile. Click Here to See one.

Watch Video to See cp9125 Code Reader in Action

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