BlueDriver Bluetooth Obd2 Professional OBDII Scan Tool (Scanner) Review

BlueDriver Bluetooth Obd2 Professional OBDII Scan Tool (Scanner) Review

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With cars becoming more advanced with every passing day, you have to also understand that there is a need for you to step up your game. This is because when the check engine light in your car starts blinking, you know that there is a problem that needs to be solved fast.

Your solution right now is the OBD2 Scanner – BlueDriver Bluetooth professional OBD2 scan tool reviewed here as we’ve done a thorough research to bring you a thorough buying guide information.

The bluedriver obd2 diagnostic scan tool is focused on diagnosis and repair, so it does not give you advice on things like fuel economy or driving. It does give you accurate, in-depth data readings on your car’s systems and the solutions to any problems it finds.

BlueDriver Obd2 Review At First Sight – The Quality and Design

Upon purchasing this scan tool, I was quite excited about when the package would arrive at my doorstep. When it finally did, I could not wait to get started on it. Among the items that would be included in the package contents, you would only be able to find the scan tool itself.

Made up of rigid black plastic with a QR code printed on the label located on the top of the device, this has been included so that you would be able to quickly scan and find the app to download and then install it. In the case of the front face of the device, you would be able to find an LED status light that would shine red when it would not be connected or paired and blue when it would be connected or in use.

BlueDriver App – So Useful in Lots of Areas

The reason why this has been found to be highly useful is because it consists of several short videos which would show you how to install the BlueDriver app and sensor. In addition, it also includes information about each section of the app.

The good part is that the app also seems to contain the manual for the device. So no matter which particular area you might get stuck in, you would easily be able to get yourself out of it thanks to the app.

I found it to be very useful in creating report to help you repair  the error codes found during car diagnosing.

Exciting Features of BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool

In a scan tool, there would be several features that you would be able to find included in it. In the case of the bluedriver obd2 diagnostic scan tool, the outstanding feature would be its ability to allow you to simply read and clear more than DTCs. This is because it would allow you graphing of engine parameters and data logging in real-time.

When you would be reading DTCs, you would also get a list of possible causes which would be specific to your vehicle. Not only that, but it would also be able to provide you with a list of the most common fixes for that particular problem.

This would be quite useful for the typical diy mechanic who might be comfortable with replacing faulty components but might not have the confidence to diagnose the problem on their own. On the other hand, accomplished mechanics would also find the bluedriver obd2 scan tool to be useful as they would be able to pinpoint the most likely cause, thus saving them ample amount of time.

Code interpretation

The Read Codes function of bluedriver would interpret error codes from the OBD2 port. You would also be able to use the Clear Codes function to reset a check engine light. Based on any error codes which might have been received, the bluedriver app would be able to generate a Repair Report which would interpret the codes, show what might have caused the problem, and also offer potential fixes. Considering all this, this has been found to be a highlight of this app.

Smog Checking

The smog check has been termed to be the most useful feature of the BlueDriver Bluetooth diagnostic tool. The app would look at engine data which might cause a car to fail a smog test. In addition to looking at error codes and check engine light, it would also examine spark data and engine compression. Even though it would not be able to tell you if your car would pass or not, it would at least give you a very good idea about the chances of failure.

Home Screen

The next thing that we are going to be talking about is the home screen. This is where you will find all the major functions of bluedriver obd2 listed. Most of these sections, aside from vehicle information, repair reports, and flashlight would require the car to be running and the sensor to be connected.

In order to identify why the check engine light was blinking, you would have to tap on the read codes section which would show you the current trouble code information. If you would like to know in more details, you just have to tap on the repair report screen to do that.

Freeze frame

The freeze frame section that would be located on the home screen would allow you to view the information at the time a code was stored.

As for the smog check section on the home screen, it would allow you to check if your vehicle would be ready for an emission or smog test.

Mode 6 section would allow you to view the advanced test results for on-board diagnostic system monitors.


As an additional bonus, you will get the flashlight feature. This can be quite helpful when you want to look for the elusive OBD2 port under the dashboard or digging around the engine or something.

Use And Installation

The good thing about using this bluedriver obd2 scan tool is the installation process as it was quite straightforward. This is because inserting the monitor would not require any tools which means that the entire thing could be done in a couple of minutes. On the other hand, you’ll find that some models require a slightly longer time due to the tight fit. So, even though things might seem slightly squeamish, you will be able to get it fitted.

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Analyzing the Pros and Cons of BlueDriver


  • Parts are assembled and manufactured by expert engineers located in North America
  • Both the app and sensors would work exclusively as a single device in order to read data. In other words, they would be completely compatible with each other
  • BlueDriver has been certified to function with both Apple and Android phones and devices
  • The reading and clearing codes would provide advanced codes for transmission, airbag, and ABS
  • Thanks to the repair report, the device would assemble any error code and would give a report of fixing the error
  • Compatible and durable with tablets or phones
  • Advanced Mode 6 data readings: Advanced data readings, such as misfire counts.
  • Convenient to use and could also be easily stored because of its small size
  • The wireless feature with the application would make it possible to function fast with increased efficiency
  • Friendly to use and also capable of performing functions that an expensive scan tool would be able to do.

Bottom line: BlueDriver bluetooth professional obdii scan tool has all the features of a conventional scanner plus the special capabilities of your smartphone, such as free app updates, compactness, portability, saving data, and graphing of live data. During the time I had my BlueDriver obd2 plugged into my car virtually 24 hours a day, the repair report feature is my best function.


  • There were certain times when the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi would drop or get slow
  • No support for Windows phones
  • Does not tend to work well with BMW VW Golf, Volvos and Hyundai models. If you have one of these vehicles, check for compatibility with the bluedriver obd2 diagnostic scan tool.


BlueDriver bluetooth professional scan tool provides lots of data readings and analysis, with the use of a Bluetooth wireless technology, directly on your smartphone. Some of the datas are advance readings which may be a little confusing to a beginner user. However, it can save the data  for further analysis by an expert mechanic using an professional diagnostic device.

Final words

All that being said, you would find the BlueDriver scan tool to be an excellent monitoring device. In fact, this has been found to be one of the most impressive Bluetooth OBD2 scanners that you would be able to find out there. The best of all is that it tends to work well with both iOS and Android phones – quite a rare sight to see. Thus, it would be recommended for both amateurs and professionals alike.



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