BMW Warning Lights: Safety Dashboard Symbols To Know

BMW Warning Lights: Safety Dashboard Symbols To Know

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BMW is a brand that prides itself on enhanced performance, comfort, and safety. Interestingly, your dashboard will always play a vital role in highlighting warning symbols to show how comfortable and safe you will be while driving.
Now would be the right time to evaluate a few things about some common warning symbols that pops up on BMW dashboard. Usually, understanding the various warning signs on your dash would come in handy in guaranteeing your safety during the drive.

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Here, we take a look at some of the most critical aspects you will always get on your BMW warning signs on the dashboard. These lights will always signal which action you should take or what might happen next. Different colors of BMW warning signs and what they mean

Colors of BMW Dashboard Warning Symbols

In most cases, each symbol comes with one of three colors; it could be red, yellow/orange, or blue/green. Red is a warning which calls for immediate action to whichever aspect you see. Ideally, red is a sign of danger.
If you see yellow or orange, you will be sure of a warning that might require your attention as soon as possible. While this is not a mark of danger, it highlights the need to be more cautious lest you blow things.
On the other hand, green and blue come in handy in indicating that a given function is active. It marks no danger, nor does it show anything out of the ordinary.

BMW Warning Lights, Meanings & What to Do

Here is a relatively comprehensive analysis of what you will most likely get. Read with us!

 Tire Pressure Monitor
Ideally, this light will come on to indicate that at least one of your tires has a low amount of pressure. In such instances, the light will be red. On the contrary, it means that at least one of your wheels has less than 90% of the required tire pressure. Well, it would be fair to mention that sometimes the pressure changes with temperature variation.
Once you notice this sign, it will be helpful to stop the car and confirm the tires. If you are in a position, inflate them immediately. This way, you will be sure of an enhanced balance on the road.

 Seat-Belt Indicator
Usually, this symbol features a person with a seat-belt running across them. This indicator lamp will often flash or even light up whenever a passenger or the driver is not on belts. It comes alongside a sound signal. Mostly, the activation of this symbol happens once you hit the 5MPH mark. For as long as there is an object on the passenger seat, the signal will always go off.

Dynamic Stability Control (TRIANGLE & EXCLAMATION MARK)
Typically, this is a traction control system. Usually, it will come on once the system turns on. This activation often seeks to improve the level of traction. It could also highlight failed wheel speed sensors. Well, a faulty pre-charge ABS pump could be yet another source.
Driving yourself with this light on is relatively less safe for you. Always consider an inspection by relevant experts.

 Steering System
You could also call it the integral active steering system. Usually, this light will come on if the integral dynamic steering is not active. Once you see this light, it would be valuable for you to turn the steering both left and right, and uniformly so. Remember to do this multiple times, preferably six times. However, if the condition persists, it would be right for you to visit an expert for further guidance.

 Steering Wheel Lock
Sometimes, you will see a symbol featuring the steering and a key. It often highlights that it is locked, and will hardly move either side. Steering wheel locks often result from too many sharp turns or using the wrong car key.
Whenever you witness such, always act fast lest you end up in an accident. It would be best for you to insert your key in the ignition and turn it at least once. While doing so, remember to keep turning the steering to either side until the symbol disappears.

 Check Engine
Have you ever heard about random misfiring in the engine? Well, when this happens, you will see an engine’s symbol on your dashboard. It will be vital for you to reduce your speed, and consequently, aim at checking your engine. Ideally, illumination signifies problems with the engine.
Usually, if you allow this problem to go on for long, you could expose your engine to extensive damage, especially for emission control elements. Feel free to call this indicator the malfunction indicator light too.

 Anti-lock Braking System
The ABS indicator will often come on if there is something wrong with the system. Ideally, it highlights the malfunctioning of the stability control systems and the tire pressure monitor. While you will still be free to drive with this light on, it would be best to be relatively cautious henceforth.
During this time, you will also need to aim at reducing instant braking and driving on rough paths. You could also consider not depressing your accelerator pedal from time to time. However, ensure that the system is checked much sooner.

Brake System
Usually, the word brake will be illuminated on your dashboard from time to time. Any time you see this, you will need to check your brakes, and consequently, adjust them whenever necessary.

Brake Fluid Level
Usually, this signal will turn red as long as your brake fluid is low. On the other hand, if this light turns yellow or orange, your hilltop function is failing or has failed. As such, your vehicle will hardly be in place once you release your brake pedal.
So what do you do in the case of these two scenarios? Often, you will want to go on with your trip, but cautiously so. However, ensure that you maintain moderate speeds and be cautious.

 Temperature Warning
The temperature of your BMW will often be one of the most critical aspects at all times. This indicator will often come accompanied with a ding. It happens once the temperature outside the vehicle racks over 37 degrees centigrade.
Indeed, when this happens, you will need to drive cautiously, lest you compromise your safety. However, to be safer, it would be ideal for you to pull over and stop the engine. This way, you will allow it to cool down before you can drive off.

 Empty Indicator
You could also refer to it as the fuel indicator. This light will often come in handy in highlighting how much fuel you have in your vehicle. Once you see the sign turning red, you will be sure of the gas taking you no more than 30 miles from where you are.
Undoubtedly, this indicator indicates that you should refuel as soon as possible. Or would you want to get stuck in the middle of the road?

 Engine Overheating
The engine overheating sign will always show that there are relatively low levels of engine coolant. Sometimes, it could be indicative of a coolant hose leak or broken water pumps. These aspects show that the engine is curving into high temperatures.
It would be right for you to stop the car, add coolant, or wait for the engine to cool. It is only after the engine cools down that you should drive off.

 Service Vehicle
There are times that you will see an indicator showing the term ‘service’ under a car. It could be red or yellow. The red light will be indicative of overdue service. Whenever you see this, ensure that you take the shortest time possible to service the engine. In contrast, once you see the yellow light, it means that the vehicle is almost due for servicing.

 Oil Level Indicator
Usually, BMW allows you to drive for up to 15000 miles before you can change the engine oil. This indicator helps in identifying how much engine oil is left. Once the signal turns red, you will need to replace or reload engine oil once more, and immediately so. Yellow lights will often mirror the need to add more engine oil much sooner.

 Door Ajar
Have you ever locked your car, yet a door ajar indicator still pops up on the dashboard? Well, it happens. Usually, it indicates that one or more doors have hardly been correctly locked. For this reason, try to close the doors once more.

 Airbag System
Feel free to refer to it as the SRS light too. You can hardly ignore the safety role that airbags systems play in a vehicle. Usually, this indicator could come alongside a beep. It will be reflective of failed tensioners as well as airbag systems. It will also come on if you get involved in a crash that has the potential to activate crash sensors.
Once you experience this, ensure that you fasten your belt and let an expert check the vehicle as soon as possible.

BMW Warning Lights Conclusion

In conclusion, various BMW warning lights (symbols) on dashboard play different roles. Understanding what each of them stands for will be vital in keeping yourself safe in the long run. Those lights mentioned above will give you insights into the most critical ones.

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