Mazda CX-9 Oil Type and Capacity

Suppose you recently bought a brand-new Mazda CX-9 worth $ 40,000, which got damaged. Its engine overheated, burnt, and eventually failed. The mechanic diagnosed and told you that you had used the wrong oil in your vehicle, which caused the engine to be damaged. What would you do in that case? You can’t do anything … Read more

Ford Escort Oil Type and Capacity

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Ford Fiesta Oil Type and Capacity

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Ford Explorer Oil Type and Capacity

Changing your car’s engine oil yourself was the norm back in the day. Not just the saved bucks, but the overall feel of getting your hands dirty while working your vehicle was more than enough to motivate car owners. Fast forward to today, you’ll barely see anyone work on their own car, even if you … Read more

Ford Edge Oil Type

The Edge is one of the most popular SUVs today by Ford. Since it was first released in 2007, Ford has sold millions worldwide. However, many drivers are unaware that there are different engine types available for the Ford Edge, and your choice can have severe implications for your car’s performance over time. Furthermore, the … Read more

Ford Focus Oil Type

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