Code P0354– Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, and Fixes

The malfunctioning of the ignition coil in the vehicle may lead to a technical fault named the P0354 Code. For the regular and smooth working of the engine, you would make your vehicle’s engine free from any responsibility. But, if you face the continuous stalling of your car, you can expect that the P0354 fault has been stored. For its confirmation, check the illumination of the MIL (Malfunctioning Indication Light) or engine light of the vehicle.

What does Code P0354 mean?

The code P0354 means the impairment of the engine control module (ECM) or powertrain due to some electrical issues. The primary function of these modules is the appropriate ignition of the fuel mixture in the engine’s combustion chamber. But, if the machine has the P0354 Code, the motor will never ignite the fuel accurately, and the vehicle will conk out or stall continuously.

The wordily meaning of P0354 is that cylinder number 4 will malfunction due to the presence of the last digit 4 in the Code.

What are the leading causes of the P0354 Code?

Numerous causes can trigger the smooth working of the powertrain control module or engine coils. Most of them are mentioned below:

  • Distortion in the ignition coil of the vehicle or the circuit of the ignition coil
  • Inadequate condition of the coil pack
  • Weak connection in the connection side of the engine coil, such as in the engine control module or the powertrain control module
  • Defective PCM or ECM of the vehicle
  • The open or short driver circuit of COP
  • Cracked lock of connector
  • Leakage in the vacuum of manifold
  • Impairment in the air control valve
  • Sometimes carbon build may also lead to the blockage of the air passage of the throttle body
  • Inoperative spark plug
  • Impaired electronic body of the vehicle

What are the indications or symptoms of the P0354 Code?

 If your vehicle falls to the P0354 Code, then you can analyze the indications in the vehicle other than illumination of engine light or MIL that are the following:

  • Activation of the indication lamp of malfunctioning
  • Check the engine light of your vehicle may turn on
  • The car may conk out or stall continuously during driving
  • During idling or driving your car, you may experience distorted sound in your vehicle
  • Lack of engine power during the heavy load on the vehicle’s engine
  • Sometimes, you may feel hard to start the engine
  • Intermittent or continuous misfiring of the engine
  • Misfired during acceleration

If you perceive any above indications, you will surely deal with the P0354 fault.

Is Code P0354 censorious to vehicles?

In brief, Yes.

Remember, the impaired functioning of your vehicle’s engine is logging the code P0354 in your device.

As a result of this fault,

  1. The other engines, except the faulty engine, have to work more to compensate for the power due to improper ignition
  2. Intermittent misfiring of the engine also leads to defects in the catalytic converter of the vehicle
  3. Driving issues such as stalling or conking out may also occur, which can be risky for your safety on the road

Therefore, if your vehicle is insecure about this fault, you must contact the mechanic as soon as possible.

How to diagnose the fault code of P0354?

Being a diagnostic trouble code (BTC) of P0354, the method of diagnosis and troubleshooting will differ for each device according to its model and manufacturing year.

For the analysis of fault code P0354, the mechanic can perform the following actions.

  • You can take a test drive; if the vehicle stalls repeatedly, the ignition coil of the vehicle may fall through the fault.
  • For the confirmation of the wiring system of the vehicle, perform the resistance test on the device.
  • Check the coil pack of the vehicle that harnesses the complete wiring and proper functioning with the ground supply
  • Ensure the condition of the secondary circuit or spark plug, which is connected to the ignition coil of the vehicle
  • Keep an eye on the vacuum of the intake of the manifold and ensure it from being leaked
  • Use the noid test light to check the expected working of the module circuit about ECM or PCM  
  • Check the frequency signals of the powertrain or engine module that it transfers the signals accurately
  • Analyze the ECM or PCM connector or the connection of ignition and coil if it has a loose connection
  • Verify that the wiring system on ECM, PCM, or coil pack is free from any fraying, corrosion, or melting

When your device falls through Code 0354, then the PCM of your device will not receive the electrical signals accurately from the ignition coil while operating the machine. In this state, the fault may occur either on the primary side, the computer side of the coil, or the secondary side, such as the spark side.

Detailed verification of the Code for the vehicle acquires various operational tests. But first, the mechanic should take a test drive that can also confirm the fault code. If the mechanic pays close attention to the vehicle, such as engine condition, throttle position, loading of the engine, or road speed, then the Code can be verified. Continuous misfiring and following the diagnosis steps can also confirm the code P0354 in the car.

Common mistakes while verifying the Code

Sometimes while verifying the Code, the mechanic may commit several mistakes. Such as, the main fault can be in the leakage of the manifold, but you may deal with the defect of the ignition coil. Likewise, leakage in the vacuum can be the exact reason, and you may assume the need to replace the spark plug.

How to fix the fault Code P0354?

Several methods can repair the Code, but you must first understand its causes and treat it. Mechanically, after diagnosis, you can fix the Code in the following ways:

  1. If you notice a defect in the ignition coil or its driver circuit, replace it.
  2. Reinstate the coil pack if its condition is bad.
  3. Restore the activity of PCM or ECM by replacement
  4. Remove the impaired spark plug and replace it with a new one
  5. Fix the intake leakage of the manifold by repairing it
  6. If the wiring harness with ECM or PCM creates issues, then first try to repair it. If not okay, then replace it.
  7. If the vehicle’s spark plug is old or expired, replace it.

Which mechanic should you choose for the fixation of the vehicle issue?

To fix the issue, you must confirm that the mechanic has experience dealing with auto parts. In addition, you must check the following features in the mechanic:

  • The mechanic must be ASE-certified – the certificate you can get after completing your automotive training in a specific service. It’s also known as Automotive Service Excellence.
  • Mechanics should prefer high-quality auto parts for a replacement that must be durable.
  • Must offer the warranty of his work or service.

Auto-Mobile Repair Service

Numerous online platforms are offering these services at a very affordable amount. You can check the automobile repair service that mostly charges 90$ to 150$ for diagnoses of the issue. After diagnosis, they charge separately for the fixation and replacement of that issue.

After diagnosis, the entire payment depends upon the faulty or replaced part. For instance, if the vehicle’s ignition coil is damaged and needs replacement, it will charge 250$ to 270$.

Additional drawbacks of the Code P0354

The fault code P0354 not only makes your driving or journey unpleasant but also makes it hard to pass the registration process of your vehicle. For the clearance of OBD-II, the illuminated lights of the MIL or engine light must be off. That will only be done when the issue of Code P0354 is resolved.

FAQs for Code P0354

  • How to trigger the Code P0354?

Coil on plug or COP system is on the engine in all modern vehicles.

Above the spark plug, each cylinder has an extra ignition coil controlled by PCM or ECM. These central modules constantly analyze the working of the COP driver. If any issue appears on this circuit, then these modules instantly log the error code for the malfunctioning of the circuit. While in various vehicles, the PCM will cut off the fuel flow from the injector.

  • How does the ECM or PCM identify the issue regarding the coil driver circuit?

In each vehicle, the ignition coil contains the coil’s primary winding near the ignition switch and the secondary winding of the loop near the spark plug.

If the ECM triggers the primary winding, a spark produces in the coil’s secondary winding. As they activate the primary winding of the coil, then they can monitor the voltage of the spark produced in the coil’s primary winding.

But if the ECM or PCM does not monitor the spark of the coil’s primary winding, they restore the code P0354.

  • What is the role of the ignition coil in the vehicle?

The main work of the ignition coil is with the ignition process. Such as, it delivers the low voltage to the primary coil and the high voltage to the secondary coil. Then the secondary coil provides the voltage to the spark plug that transmits to the vehicle’s cylinder.

  • What is the coil pack system of the vehicle?

The coil pack system of the vehicle is the electronically controlled coil system that is entirely regulated by the action of PCM or ECM. This system initiates the electrical energy and then transmits it to the car’s ignition system via a spark plug.

  • What is the spark plug of the vehicle?

The role of the spark plug in the device is the production of high voltage generated by the ignition coil’s secondary winding. The spark plug transmits the voltage to the vehicle’s cylinder, where fuel ignition occurs, such as combustion. This process yields energy that the car uses for work.

Spark plug also deals in transmitting the extra heat generated by combustion to the vehicle’s cooling system.

Final Thoughts

Finally, the fault code P0354 is a potentially devastating issue that can stall your pleasant journey. In addition, it also creates various technical problems in your vehicle. Stops the energy production in the cylinder number four vehicle. For this reason, you need to repair this fault as soon as possible.

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