EEZTire TST 507rv Tire Monitoring System Review – Ultimate Guide

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EEZTire TST 507rv
1) Specifically made for RVs and the service is exceptional.
2) The circuitry in it is from GE. The quality is excellent and very high.
3) One advantage it has over other TPMS is that it has replaceable batteries so you save money in the long run.
4) The customer service team is very responsive.
RATINGS: 4.7 out of 5 Stars

When it comes to tire pressure, there are multiple options in the market, right from a basic hand pump to a full, all-service Tire Pressure Monitoring System. A tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is a system which is electronic and is made so that you can monitor the pressure of the air within the pneumatic tires on any type of vehicle.

The TPMS will send to you a real-time report on the tire-pressure. As an owner of a vehicle, you can access the details remotely or you can access it while driving. You get the options of checking the pressure via a pictogram display, via a gauge or via a low-pressure warning light.

There are generally two types of TPMS in the market. One is direct and the other is indirect. Generally, Tire-pressure management systems are available from the factory and later on in stores. The best option is to buy it online on Amazon as you get discounts.

The EEZTire TST 507rv TPMS will help you to avoid traffic accidents, improve your fuel economy, and reduce the wear and tear that comes to a tire due to tires that are under-inflated.

EEZTire TST 507rv TPMS Review


Benefits of the EEZTire TST 507rv TPM System:

GE Circuitry: The circuitry in the EEZTire TST 507rv is from GE. The quality is excellent and very high.

Reputed brand and long warranty: The EEZTire TST 507rv has a warranty of three years. The TST Tire Pressure 507rv Monitoring Systems comes from the reputed EEZTire brand and the system is high-quality. It is specially designed for the RV industry and for trucks.

Great for RVs: When you are going for a long, cross-country drive, you want peace of mind. To ensure your peace of mind, it is best that you have all the necessary tools at your disposal. The EEZTire tst 507rv TPMS is a very important tool that you can keep in your RV. You are assured that you will be well aware of a deflating tire before it blows off.  It is also highly recommended on various RV forums.

Real-time reading: The EEZTire TST 507rv TPMS gives you a real-time reading of the pressure in your tires. Even if you get a puncture, you immediately get to know about the puncture when you look at the monitor and see the pressure drop.

It prevents under-inflation: When you have a number of heavy-duty and powerful vehicles, you need to be careful to ensure that the tires are perfect and there is no under-inflation nor is there over-inflation. The pneumatic tire has dynamic behavior and that is connected very closely to its inflation pressure.

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There are many key driving factors that are affected by inflation pressure like the distance between when you hit the break and the vehicle stopping. Also, the lateral stability of the vehicle depends on the inflation pressure. The inflation pressure of the tires should be perfect and as specified by the manufacturer.

So you need to keep adjusting the pressure to keep it optimum. This is done by the EEZTire TST 507rv tire-pressure management system. If the under-inflation of your vehicle is very high, it could also lead to mechanical and thermal overload. This is caused when the tires overheat. These symptoms can potentially destroy the tire too.

Under-inflation of the tire can also cause lower fuel efficiency and greater tire wear. The tires generally leak air naturally over the year and even a new tire can lose around three to nine PSI in a year. Having the EEZTire TST 507rv tire-pressure management system ensures that you won’t have the issue of under-inflation.


Fuel saving: For every 10% of under-inflation there would be a 1% increase in the fuel consumption. If you consider four tires or six tires, the waste in fuel amounts to an increase of 4-6% per year. The saving that you would have on fuel for a couple of months will pay back the price of the EEZTire TST 507rv.


Longer tire life: The most common reason for tire failure is under-inflation of the tire. If your tires are under-inflated, your vehicle could be affected by tire disintegration, ply separation, heat buildup, and sidewall breakdowns. If there is a difference of more than 10 pounds per square inch when it comes to the pressure on the duals set, the lower pressured tire is dragged a minimum of 2.5 meters per kilometer which is 13 feet per mile.

There is also a possibility of the casing breaking down and the retreading being difficult when it comes to running your vehicle on low-pressure tires.

You could also get tire failure because the low-pressure tires may hit sharp potholes. Where it would normally not get affected, when there is low pressure, there could be structural damages.

Decreased maintenance and downtime: When your truck or RV is under maintenance and you have downtime, the cost to you of lost business and money is much more than what an EEZTire TST 507rv would cost you.

It adds safety: The biggest problem of having tires which are underinflated is that there could be tire tread separation and could also lead to tire failure. There are 40,000 accidents, over 650 deaths and 33,000 injuries per year due to under-inflation of tires. You also get better stability, easier brake handling and greater safety for the vehicle, the driver, the load and other commuters on the road when you have properly inflated tires.

Environmental efficiency: The Department of Transportation estimates that there is a release of over 57.5 billion pounds or 26 billion kilograms into the environment of extra carbon-monoxide and other pollutants due to under-inflation every year in the United States.

Excellent customer service: The customer service of the EEZTire TST 507rv team is very responsive and they explain steps to resolve any issue you can encounter with the TPMS.

The issue with the EEZTire TST 507rv Tire Pressure Monitoring System:

Manual difficult to understand: The manual which comes with the EEZTire TST 507rv is very difficult to understand. It is difficult to set up if you are only going by the manual.

Instead, you can call the customer care and explain your difficulties to them and they will help you to resolve it. In addition to that, you also have an option of checking the multiple videos on Youtube which give you details of how to set up and use the EEZTire TST 507rv tire-pressure management system. The set up is a one-time thing so you don’t really need to concern yourself about it. Recurring use of the TPMS is very easy.

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A TPMS system is like an insurance policy that you would take. If you have a fleet of large vehicles like trucks or if you have an RV and plan to go for a long trip, it is best that you keep the EEZTire TST 507rv in your vehicle.

Your tire may lose air and they may overheat or blow. This can create a loss of control of your vehicle or may damage the underside of your RV or truck. So it is best to have a TPMS system.

In addition to that, there are many benefits of having a TPMS like maintaining the health of the tires and saving fuel.

There are many low prices tire-pressure management systems in the market, but it makes sense to get the EEZTire TST 507rv as it is a reputed brand, gives to you real-time pressure details and has an excellent warranty of up to three years.

One advantage of the EEZTire TST 507rv over other TPMS is that it has replaceable batteries so you save money in the long run. The EEZTire TST 507rv is specifically made for RVs and the service is exceptional.

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