Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter with True-RMS Review – A Buying Guide

Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter with True-RMS Review – A Buying Guide

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Multimeters find a good number of applications in the hands of all technicians and electricians for performing the diagnostic functions of testing the parameters not only in the automotive industry but home management tasks as well.

Today, in this review article, you are going to discover what makes Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter with True-RMS one of the most sold product in the market today. It’s a handheld digital multimeter made for general electrical purpose.

Every technicians I know are making use of this electrical testing and measuring tool, Fluke 115, in the automotive industry and several other fields to learn about the parameters quickly and without any error. Since this handheld digital multimeter is from fluke, it’s known for its simplicity of usage, its sleek and compact design and its precision in generating the required results, it’s effectively helping everyone around the world who is using it.

How To Use Fluke 115 Multimeter To Measure AC Voltage

STEP1. Turn dial to ṽ. If you don’t know the voltage, set the range to the highest voltage then set the dial on ṽ.

But you’ll discover most multimeters power up in Auto-range mode. This mode selects automatically a measurement range based on what the present voltage is.

STEP2. Insert the black lead into the COM jack.

STEP3. Put in the red lead into the VΩ jack., then remove the leads in reverse: red first, then black.

STEP4. Then connect test leads to circuit: black lead first, red second.

Note: 1. ac voltage does not have polarity. 2. Don’t let your fingers touch the lead tips. Neither allow the tips contact each other.

STEP5. Read the measurement displayed on the screen. Then, remove the leads. Red first, black second.

Other Functions For Measuring AC Voltage

STEP1. Press RANGE button to select a specific fixed measurement range.

STEP2. Press HOLD button to capture a stable measurement. You can view it after the measurement is complete.

STEP3. Press the MIN/MAX button to capture the least and highest measurement. The DMM will beep each time it records a new reading.

STEP4. Press the relative (REL) button to set the multimeter to a specific reference value. Measurements above and below the reference value are displayed.

Note: Pay attention to the following to avoid this common and serious mistakes:

  1. Inserting test leads into incorrect input jacks. Doing so can lead to a dangerous arc flash.
  2. If measuring ac voltage, be certain to insert the red lead into the input jack marked V, not A. The display should show the ṽ symbol.
  3. Placing test leads in A or MA inputs and then measuring voltage will create a short in the measurement circuit.

Salient Features of Fluke 115 True RMS Multimeter

Let us have a look at the salient features of the Fluke 115 with true RMS. These simple to operate yet highly functional features makes this equipment something more than your average multimeter

  • Compact Design

When you hold Fluke 115 in your hand, you realize this testing tool is very handy and can easily be operated while it rests on your palm. The features and functions are elementary to operate, and you need not learn these functions to get used to it in general.

Everyone can easily operate it, something that counts for the device to be favorable. When you are stuck in some situation, and you need the calculation to be made quickly, the efficient design proves helpful here as it can be taken easily around with you while you finish the job.

  • Accurate Calculations

This true rms multimeter comes with the voltage and current readings that can count up to 600 count resolutions, making it one of the most accurate reading provider multimeter.

If the project you are working on requires some high precision readings for the current and voltage, then Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter with True-RMS is your solution. You can easily trust the readings as this multimeter is known for providing very efficient values.

  • LED Backlight

Multimeters pose a challenge when you are working in those areas where the light is poor. You have to make use of a torch to readout the output while keeping a hand on the wires. This would require at least four hands and the frustration would be an extra. But with Fluke 115 true-RMS you can say goodbye to this cumbersome situation as this it has a LED backlight that serves best in a poorly lit enviroment where the visibility of the screen is near to zero.

  • Powerful Battery

Another issue that is observed with other multimeters out there is that their battery dies again and again and if this happens while you are in the middle of an already tricky project, you could get real mad. On the other hand the battery life of this product in review extends to 400 hours, something that gives you the liberty to enjoy working without having to worry about losing some important data and having to rush to the store to buy a new battery and start working.

  • Widespread Use

There are various field where you can enjoy the benefits of utilizing this device. The technicians working on the automotive are working efficiently in their jobs by making use of it. The field service technicians find it to be their constant companion whenever they have to make quick verification for parameters such as capacitance, frequency, voltage, current and resistance. The widespread use and economical price are the most attractive features of this multimeter, and the cherry at the top of it all is the reliable name of the Fluke Company that makes a buyer buy this product with full confidence.

  • Polyester Case

When working in the field or when you are on the go with your multimeter packed with you, you have to take extra care that the cables do not break at the connecting points. You have to pay attention to the screen so it won’t get damaged while it goes unattended. But when you have the Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter with True-RMS in your hands, you need not worry for such things because this one comes with a polyester casing that keeps the device safe and the connectors in one place, so you need not worry finding them from separate places. The case is not only elegant but is of great use.

Fluke 115 Technical Specification

fluke 115 true rms multimeter review

Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter
Feature N/A
Item Dimensions N/A
List Price N/A
  • What’s in The Case?

When you get your piece of the fluke 115 multimeter, you will find that it comes in a complete package. The package contains the connecting leads, the holster to keep it protected, the polyester case to help you while you are on the go and a 9V battery that is known to run for 400 hours in the future.


  • The compact design, light weightiness, and ease of use
  • Accuracy and precision with the tolerance of only 0.5
  • LEC backlight to facilitate the user in the poorly lit areas


  • The body is not very strong and could break on fall.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty comes by making a request for it from their customer service. Although many website claims a 3 year warranty.


Taking a decision to buy, as a lot of usefulness has been revealed in this Fluke 115 Multimeter review article.

t would not be a very tough thing to do now that you know of all its features, its capability to produce precise results for various parameters, the ease of use and light weightiness, the built-in LED back-light to facilitate you in those areas that have poor light conditions.

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What is The fluke 115 Price?

When you compare the functions and Fluke 115 price with other brands & products out there right now, you’ll find that it’s comparatively affordable with many added features that the other multimeters in the market lack.

So if you want to invest , invest in something worth it.

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Who is Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter For?

For people living in a world of electronic tools and devices, the use of a multimeter is like the oxygen for life. They need to measure the values of the parameters such as frequency, current and voltage time and again.

Having to consult an oscilloscope or some other mega device could be a cumbersome task, and the arrival of true rms digital multimeters has facilitated users in so many astonishing ways that we cannot comment how much they are used even in every day life.

The Fluke Company is known for producing the high quality and reliable multimeters in a vast range of variable functions and performance capacity. Each person can get the multimeter that suits him for use in the practice. Fluke has taken pride in producing such electrical equipment and testing tools that serve the purpose of general operations as well as for some specific procedures. When you buy a product from Fluke, you can be sure that you have invested your money at the right place that is going to serve you for a good length of time without having to worry for repair and damage.

Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter with True-RMS Review Video


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