A Review of FLUKE 87V true rms multimeter

Reviewing Fluke 87V True-RMS Digital Multimeter

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This is a small sized, comfortable to hold in hand multimeter that is known for its accuracy. It easily and accurately measures the values when they are needed quickly. Introducing Fluke 76v review here.

Many companies are manufacturing good multimeters for technicians across the world to help them calculate accurately during their work. The true rms multimeter that has crossed all other is the version 87V series from the company Fluke.

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Fluke is a renowned company when it comes to the manufacturing of electronic tools and equipment. The services in the field of production and distribution of the testing tools and troubleshooting devices by Fluke since the year 1984, does not require any introduction. The company is known for producing highly reliable and accurate methods that are helping users all across the world.

What Digital Multimeters Are Used For? Like The Fluke 87V True RMS Multimeter

When it comes to measuring electrical values during some projects, the device that helps a technician the most for testing various values is the digital multimeter. A digital multimeter is a handheld tool to test the following three elements, i.e., the current in amperes (amps), the voltage in volts (volts) and the resistance (ohms). However, there are such multimeters in general practice these days that calculate the frequency, capacitance, temperature, and continuity as well.


The fluke 87v multimeter is a versatile and reliable model from Fluke that is better in all the ways from its previous versions and is selling like hot cakes. Fluke has never failed to bring something above the ordinary each time in the testing tools. Many distinguishing features of this multimeter make it the most desired one in the market. Let us have a look at the features that make this multimeter stand out amongst others.

  • Precision And Accuracy

What use is a multi-meter of if it does not deliver accurate results and calculates values with precision? When we talk about the precision and accuracy of the fluke 87v multimeter, we mean it. No matter where you take it and how you deal with it, this fluke multimeter is bound to produce the perfect results without having to wait at all.

This instrument is known for generating the most reliable test results for the frequency measurements. Talking about precision, this multimeter is accurate up to 0.05% DC. It is a very responsive multimeter that is highly reliable and can be used for both the industrial and personal uses.

  • Adjustable Auto And Manual Ranging

One of the unique features of this multimeter is the versatility that it provides both for the auto and manual ranging, making it easier for you to work with it. The precision and accuracy of the measurements allow the user to operate comfortably even in the driving motors and noisy machines.

  • Easy to Read Display

When you are working in the field, and you need real quick results, what could be more irritating than having to focus too much to find the values of your multimeter? The fluke 87v multimeter is built with an interface that is easy to read as the digits appear in the bold and large font.

  • Built-in Thermometer

What makes the fluke 87v multi meter different from the other models around is its built-in thermometer, something that has greatly benefited the technicians and users not only in the field but also at homes. The built-in thermostat is a sensitive one that can identify the minimal change in the temperature easily. This saves the user form carrying a temperature responsive device separately, saving him from the trouble of carrying too much weight.

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  • Magnetic Hanger

Another amazing feature of the fluke 87v multimeter is the magnetic hanger. It is a hanger explicitly designed to provide ease to the user. All you have to do is to hang the multi meter using this hanger, and your hands will be free to perform any task that you wish to do with using both your hands. Also, the magnetic hanger ensures the safety of the device as holding it in your hands while doing work has the chance that the fluke 87v multi meter could fall down.

  • Selectable Filter

The fluke 87v true rms multimeter is equipped with a built-in selectable filter that filters the voltage. It ensures that the voltage is accurate to provide you 100% reliable results. The filter also makes sure the frequency reading is accurate.

  • Boots Fast

When you are working either in some industry or at home, and you need your multimeter all of a sudden, a lazy booting instrument is going to frustrate you more than you can imagine. The fluke 87-V multimeter boots fasts and saves you the wait for the device to be ready.

  • Safety Bag

The product comes with a bag that keeps the device safe when you have to travel or to move the instrument from one place to another. The body of the 87v multimeter is strong in itself and is not very fragile, but the bag keeps both it and the probes safe from any damage. The bag itself is a compact one, so the package does not make a very messy bunch for you.

  • Complete package

Apart from the amazing features of this multimeter, the product packaging comes with a complete set of things you need. The box contains the test leads, alligator clips, holster and an already installed 9V battery, so you need not rush the battery when you want to use the device.

Key Application of  Fluke 87v True RMS Digital Multimeter

Now that you have seen the salient features of this multi meter, it would become easier for you to realize how much this instrument is liked across the globe for its reliability and accuracy. Fluke’s multimeter model finds its applications mainly in the troubleshooting tasks where some of the calculation of the current or voltage is required.

The 87v multimeter is used with much liking by the technicians for the troubleshooting tasks in the industry. The meter also is useful for the calculation of the current, voltage and frequency in the VSDs/VFDs where you need to keep an eye at the input and output parameters and this technician/electrician’s true rms serves as the best answer.

A Review of FLUKE 87V true rms multimeter

The Fluke 87v Not Just an Industrial Multimeter But Also for Home Owners & Auto Techs as Well

Not only is the Fluke 87v multimeter efficient to be used in the industry but it also serves best with the home owners in certain home development tasks. Fluke multimeter eighty-seven-V can determine irregular signals as well that makes it perfect for drives. This true rms can read the glitches up to 250us, making it the most accurate one among the list of multimeters.


  • Easy to use, boots fast and have a great interface
  • Highly accurate, precise and reliable
  • Provides unique features such as filter and auto/manual ranging


  • None


If you have been spending your years and hours in some technical job and your old multimeter is no more a good companion, consider switching to a Fluke 87-V True rms digital Multimeter, as it is known to be the most reliable companion for industrial, automotive and home usage.

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Fluke 87V Multimeter Caliberation Manual Video Work Through


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