How to Reset the Anti-Theft System on Ford Edge

The most aggressive and bold outlook of the Ford Edge has made it competitive and also enhanced its demand. The Interior side of the vehicle is full of technologies, and the twelve-inch screen has developed it into Avant grade technology. Lavish and sumptuously rich designs with conspicuous colors have gained their audience’s attention.

Among the interior technologies of the vehicle, one is an anti-theft system that prevents the device from being stolen. This system will automatically turn on if someone tries to steal the car.

Working on an anti-theft system

An anti-theft system is an innovative technology in the Ford Edge that guard the device against thieves. An explanation of the anti-theft system is present in the following points.

  • The anti-theft system alarm will start working if someone tries to unlock or open the car without an authorized key.
  • Sometimes, the thieves try to insert the unauthorized key in the ignition slot on the device. Then, the vehicle will stop working, and the key will become useless. Even in this case, the alarm of the device will start.

When you buy the vehicle, the owner provides you with two authorized keys named transponder keys. These keys are electronically activated with your car. But, if you need to start the third or more keys, you can do it easily. Your vehicle will only respond to these transponder keys or activated keys.

Activation of anti-theft system

If you or someone else try to insert the irrelevant or remote key into the slot, then the anti-theft system will immobilize the engine, and the device will stop working.

Disarming the alarm

After getting the transponder key, you need to disarm the alarm that an unauthorized key has armed. You need to follow any of the following functions to complete an action.

  • Use the keyless keypad or remote-control method to unlock luggage compartments or doors.
  • Ignite the vehicle and start it.
  • Insert the electronically authorized key in the driver’s door to unlock the vehicle, then turn the ignition on in twelve seconds.

Suppose the methods mentioned above only sometimes work accurately for disarming the alarm. In that case, you will need to contact the Ford Dealer, who will check for any potential problem regarding your vehicle. The panic button will also cease the action of indicators or horns but not disarm the alarm of the anti-theft system.

The activation of the anti-theft system in the vehicle will flash the light after every two seconds. But, if the light flashes rapidly and never stay, it becomes an indication of a fault in the anti-theft system of the device.

Quick Methods for disarming the vehicle

Sometimes, the device will turn on a false alarm that will stop the vehicle’s working. You will need to adopt abrupt methods to stop the alarm. For this action, you have to press the alarm button on the fob of your key, which will reset your system. If this solution does not show results, your device will face other issues.

Another reason for alarming the anti-theft system is due to the damaged cylinder of the door lock that is attached to the inside of the car. The cylinder may damage due to the thief during the stealing of the vehicle. For this action, you need to repair the vehicle door’s cylinder, and the alarm will stop.

Next, check the car’s door lock, such as it may be damaged by someone other who tries to open it with screwdrivers. In this case, you need to repair first about the door lock of the car. Because a damaged door lock can also lead to the activation of the alarm, if you fix it first, it can also be a quick solution regarding the disarming of the notice.

Sometimes, horridly, you insert the unregistered key in the ignition slot. In this matter, the alarm will turn on automatically, and the vehicle will stop working. For this reason, you need to use the same key that will recover the anti-theft system accurately.

Resetting the anti-theft system

The Ford Edge’s anti-theft system is designed so that if someone tries to steal the vehicle, it will activate automatically, preventing it from being stolen. Various reasons can lead to the activation of the anti-theft system, such as the damaged door locks, damaged cylinder of the vehicle’s door, or the insertion of the irrelevant key in the ignition slot.

But sometimes, after recovering all the methods mentioned above, the anti-theft system still needs resetting. In this regard, you must follow some guidelines for resolving this issue. Such as:

Insertion of Key:

  • First, you need to put the key into the side door lock of the vehicle.
  • After the insertion, keep the key in the door lock slot for 40 to 60 seconds. This period will recognize the key for the system and then turn the key for unlock.
  • You must turn the key in the opposite direction and repeat this step.
  • After unlocking the door, please remove it from the door and move to the engine for ignition. Now, the system will need to be reset.

Ignition of the Engine:

  • Before the vehicle ignition, you must confirm the accurate working of the battery. That is, it does not have any technical issues. Because sometimes, the fault in the battery can also lead to the resetting of the anti-theft system. Therefore, you first need to reset it.
  • Now put the key into the ignition slot and turn it, activating the vehicle’s electronic system if your anti-theft system blinks continuously behind the steering wheel and move to the next step.
  • If the anti-theft system still shows a fault in its working, then keep the key in the slot for 2 to 3 minutes. It will make you be able to start the engine.
  • Repeat this process a few times more if you never succeed in your first attempt.

Even after repeating the entire process several times and the anti-theft system never shows any progress, you need to tow it to the owner or technician. He will examine your vehicle briefly and inform you about the physical health of the car. He will investigate any other issue with your vehicle and then will recover it.

Final Thoughts

Finally, this article covers all aspects regarding the working and resetting of the anti-theft system of the Ford Edge. This system guards your device against being stolen and secures it most accurately. You will need to reset it if any unauthorized reasons have damaged it. For resetting, you can adopt the steps mentioned above. You need to use the transponder key in the slot for accurate working.

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