How to Reset the Oil Light on Mazda CX-9?

Maintaining the proper oil level in your Mazda CX-9 is crucial to ensuring your vehicle’s long-term health. If the oil light is illuminated on your dashboard, you’ll need to take the appropriate steps to reset it. This blog post will provide a comprehensive guide on resetting the oil light on a Mazda CX-9. By following this guide, you’ll be able to reset your oil light in no time and keep your Mazda CX-9 running in top condition. So let’s get started!

Resetting the oil light on the second-generation model year of Mazda CX-9

If you have a second-generation Mazda CX-9, i.e., 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 models, you can reset the oil light according to the following steps.

  1. Start the car without starting the engine. For this, turn the ignition key to position one. If you have a keyless starting system, press the start button once without depressing the brake pedal.
  2. Press the “A” button on the centre dash screen or infotainment display screen. This button means “Applications.” If your car has a touchscreen display, tap the applications button once. It will highlight the menu options or list.
  3. From the menu list, select “Vehicle Status Monitor.” For this purpose, use the commander knob to scroll. Commander knobs and buttons are located in the centre console, just behind the gear selector. These buttons will allow you to tap and select the Monitor button on the screen.
  4. Now select the “Maintenance” option. A sub-menu will display. It includes schedule, tire rotations, and oil change options.
  5. Select the “Oil change” option.
  6. It will display two options, i.e., Schedules and Reset.
  7. Select the “Reset” option. Press “Ok” to confirm the oil change reset process.

You have successfully reset the oil life indicator on your Mazda CX-9.

Remember, this method only work if you have changed or refilled your oil. Otherwise, you will have to face failure in resetting the oil light.

Resetting the oil light on the first-generation model year of Mazda CX-9

Follow these guidelines to reset the oil light on first-generation models, i.e., 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 Mazda CX-9.

  1. Turn the ignition off and hold the trip button. It is present on the right side of the display screen. This button records and displays information like average fuel consumption, average speed, etc.
  2. Now turn the ignition on. However, be sure not to start or run the engine.
  3. Keep pressing the trip button. This activity will make the master warning lights blink for a few seconds.
  4. Next, turn the ignition off.
  5. Turn the ignition on to verify the oil light reset.

You can use this method for the latest Mazda CX-9 also.

What Are Other Indicator Lights on Mazda CX-9?

When it comes to indicator lights on the Mazda CX-9, several different ones can appear. Here are some of the most common:

Brake System Warning Light

This light is in the form of a red exclamation point. It will come on when there is an issue with the brake system, such as low brake fluid, ABS malfunction, or low brake pressure.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light is typically yellow or orange and is in the shape of an engine. It indicates a problem with your vehicle’s emissions system. If this light appears, it’s important to bring your car to a certified mechanic.

Air Bag Warning Light

This light looks like a person in a seat belt and varies in color. It will come on if there is a problem with the airbags in your car.

Battery Alert Light

This light looks like a battery with positive and negative symbols and indicates an issue with the battery or charging system. It usually flashes red.

Coolant Temperature Warning Light

This light looks like a thermometer and indicates that the engine is running too hot or too cool. If the indicator is blue, the engine temperature is too low. But if it flashes red, it indicates that the coolant temperature is too high. It can result in overheating and burning of the engine.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Light

This light looks like a horseshoe with an exclamation point in the center. It alerts you when one of your tires has low pressure.

Cruise Control Indicator Light

It has two indications. This light looks like an airplane and will be illuminated white when cruise control is engaged. It turns green when the cruising speed has been sent.

High Beam Indicator Light

This light looks like a headlight with five horizontal rows. It tells you when you have your high beams activated.

These are some of the most common indicator lights on your Mazda CX-9. It’s important to pay attention to these lights and address any issues they bring up as soon as possible.


Can You Drive Mazda CX-9 10000 Miles Without Changing The Oil?

The answer depends on the driving you’re doing, your car’s maintenance schedule, and the age of your vehicle. Generally speaking, if you often go on long journeys, driving your Mazda CX-9 for 10000 miles is not recommended without changing its oil. Rash and frequent driving can make the engine wear over time. It affects the oil quality. Oil can become dirty earlier and needs to be changed.


Resetting the oil life light on Mazda CX-9 is not a challenging task. It only requires a few minutes and basic knowledge of the car’s components. However, if the light is still flashing after all of these procedures have been completed, it’s important to take it to your local mechanic as soon as possible. Malfunctioning sensors are often the cause when a warning light stays lit after being reset. Hence, it’s best to check it before continuing to drive. Additionally, regular maintenance and tune-ups are essential in keeping all sensors in proper working order.

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