How to Rest the Honda Odyssey Oil Light

If you own a Honda Odyssey, you may have found that your dashboard contains the oil light that occasionally flickers on and off. In most cases, it doesn’t cause concern, but when it blinks steadily, it’s time to pay attention! Fortunately, resetting the oil light in your Honda Odyssey is pretty simple. All you need are basic car maintenance skills and the ability to follow instructions! Read on to learn how to reset the oil light on your Honda Odyssey.

Why the oil light on the Honda odyssey turns on?

Knowing why the oil light on a Honda Odyssey is turned on is essential before beginning the remedial actions. The Honda Odyssey oil light turns on due to the following reasons:

·       Your Honda is low on oil.

One of the most common reasons the oil light might turn on is that it’s simply trying to warn you that the oil in your car is getting low. When the oil gets too low, there’s insufficient lubrication for things like bearings, pistons, gears, or other moving parts. Low oil levels also lead to higher chances of wear on these components, resulting in premature replacement or significant repairs being needed sooner than expected. To ensure the health and safety of your engine, this needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

·       The oil is dirty & needs to be changed.

The oil light on your Honda Odyssey will turn on if your oil becomes dirty and needs to be changed. The dirtier your engine gets, the more often your oil light will turn on. When you notice the light is lit up, it’s best to change the oil as soon as possible. If you wait too long, there’s a chance that it could cause damage to your engine and result in expensive repairs.

·       There is oil leakage.

Oil leakage is another reason the oil light on your Honda odyssey turns on. If you notice that the engine sounds louder than usual or feels like it’s working hard, and if you see a black liquid coming out of the exhaust, you might have an oil leak. If this happens, check your car before any significant damage occurs.

Resetting Your Honda Odyssey’s Oil Light: A Step-By-Step Guide

Reset Honda Odyssey’s oil light in 2018 to 2022 Model

The Honda Odyssey vehicles from 2018 to 2021 are referred to as the fifth generation. They are Honda’s trendiest models. There are two ways to reset the oil light system in these vehicles.

  1. Via instrument panel
  2. Via touch screen

Using instrument panel:

The instrument panel is the area you can see behind your steering wheel. Follow these instructions to reset the Oil Light using this panel.

  1. By choosing the “ON” button, activate the power mode.
  2. The “Enter” button on the steering wheel displays the instrument panel’s home screen.
  3. Pressing the up and down arrows will help you find the “Maintenance” option. Once located, press “Enter.”
  4. Now use the arrows to search for the Oil life and press “Enter” to choose it.
  5. It will show the oil level. For the next 10 seconds, hold down the Enter button.
  6. Then, use the arrows to scroll through all the options related to oil life. The phrase “All Due Items” will be highlighted.
  7. After that, hold down “Enter” for a short while or until the message “Reset Is Complete” appears.

Using Touch screen

Due to its superb features and state-of-the-art technologies, the Honda Odyssey models from 2018 to 2021 are top-rated among car owners. The touch screen is one of these features. In these versions, the oil life can be easily reset. Follow these easy instructions.

  1. Locate the Vehicle option by clicking Settings.
  2. Select the vehicle and then hit the Maintenance Information button.
  3. The drop-down menu will include an option for Oil and Filter.
  4. Choose (or tap) Reset.
  5. The oil life light has reset.

Reset Honda Odyssey’s oil light in 2005 to 2017 Models

  1. First, turn the ignition switch to the ON position to reset the oil light on Honda Odyssey 2005 to 2017 Models. You should, however, push the Engine Start Stop button twice without applying the brakes if your vehicle has a keyless start system.
  2. Next, locate the SEL or RESET button on the monitor. In specific models, this button is next to the fuel gauge; in others, it is on the steering wheel. For a few seconds, press and hold the SEL/RESET button before letting go. The oil life will be shown as a percentage.
  3. Repeatedly press and hold the “SEL/RESET” stem for 10 seconds after it displays the oil life percentages. The screen will start blinking. After this, release the button.
  4. Do this step once more. Hold the button down for 5 seconds this time. The code or oil life % will vanish as a result. Release the button when it reaches this point.
  5. Before turning it off, the oil indicator will blink once. It indicates that the system successfully reset the oil life to 100%.

Reset Honda Odyssey’s oil light in 1995 to 2004 Models

The resetting procedure of the oil light in the Honda Odyssey varies from model to model. If you have a Honda odyssey model from 1995 to 2004, you can follow the following steps to reset the oil light.

  1. The first step is to start the car by turning the ignition switch on. However, remember not to start the engine.
  2. Next, find the oil life monitor button on your Honda Odyssey. It is usually on the steering wheel
  3. Push the Select or reset button once you’ve located the button. It will display how much oil is still in your Honda Odyssey.
  4. To get the oil life indicator light to blink, press and hold the select or reset button for roughly 10 seconds. After five seconds, let go and press and hold the button or knob again. Your oil light will switch off as a result of this activity.
  5. Turn off your Honda Odyssey and start it again to see whether the oil light has reset. If the oil light on the dashboard is not blinking, you have successfully reset the oil light on your Honda Odyssey.

To sum up:

That’s all about resetting the oil light on a Honda Odyssey. I have highlighted all the necessary actions you may take to reset the oil light, regardless of whether you have an older model or a brand-new Honda Odyssey. So, the next time you’re driving down the highway and notice that pesky oil light on your dashboard, don’t worry! Just give this definitive guide a read, and voila!

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