Launch Tech CRP123 Creader: End Your Search For Best Car Scanner

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Launch CRP123 Creader
1) Not only reveal what error codes, but also erase check engine light after problem fixed, the DTC help and explanation also tell you the exact problem.
2) Also displays data stream graphic, stores and playbacks dynamic data stream,helps for quick analysis and diagnosis.
3) 5 YRS Warranty for any quality problem with a replacement or refund
RATINGS: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Launch Tech CRP123 Creader Professional scanner is a transmission and engine code scanner that is designed with high quality standards. It is equipped with the latest “Mode 6” technology that offers many more features than many other current OBD-II scanner.

During my launch crp123 review, I came across some amazing features that are hard to find among any of it’s counterparts. What I loved the most is that they provide excellent after-sales service.

I have explained more about all it’s features below.

If you are just a newbie in handling automobile and want a simple code scanner for fun then this product is not for you. It is for serious car owners and/or mechanics only. But don’t just take my word for it, check out.

What I Like About The Launch Tech CRP123 Creader


•    Compatible with all motor vehicles, especially with vehicles of US, Europe and Asia.
•    The device does not require any additional updates to comply with standardization requirements.
•    Apart from the engine diagnostics, Enhanced data streaming for ABS and SRS diagnostics.
•    Supports all the 10 test modes of OBD2 that makes it compatible with wide range of vehicles.
•    Up gradable software makes it a future proof device.
•    Comes with a supplementary guidebook comprised with entire explanations.
•    An Easy to use navigation.
•    An Easy to carry compact design.

What I Do not Like About The Launch CRP123 Creader


•    The price of the product makes it an expensive one as this is not a basic code scanner but a code scanner for professionals.
•    The cable that is shipped with the device might fall short for some vehicles making you to buy an additional cable. It may add to the cost.
•    This might sound awkward but there is not any other con of the product. The product delivers what it says.


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How Launch Tech CRP123 Serves You


The launch CRP123 creader possesses all the standard features that an OBD oriented scanning tool must have. Beside, it has many additional features that are unique to this particular device only.

The modern features are capable of convincing any shopper from a “Not To Buy” to “I’ve Got to Get This!”

Let’s Explore Features Built Into crp123 in Full Details:


•    High Durability:

This auto diagnostic instrument is manufactured with a strong and sturdy plastic case. The plastic is highly durable and non-breakable that can tolerate heavy jerks. Even if the device falls on the ground, the plastic is capable enough to absorb the hitting and the internal mechanism remains unaffected.

The screen is made up of anti-tempered glass. You might rarely experience even a scratch on the screen, let alone it getting tempered. In short, the device is suitable for virtually any rough and tough usage.

•    Intuitive Design: Launch Tech CRP123 Creader has a visually pleasing compact design. It looks more like a video-game gadget. It’s an easy to carry device that fits in the pocket, sits on the palm or can be placed in the car perfectly. The device with it’s cherry and black color combination is visually appealing.

I must say that it has a tempting design like a hand-held video game device. The navigational buttons, that are self explanatory, are set nicely on the right side. Its overall look makes it appear as …. if you’ve handled a sci-fi gadget you’d understand what I’m talking about.

•    Broader Compatibility:

You can’t count Launch Tech crp123 creader professional code reader scanner to be like any of the other OBD scanners. Although OBD-II is a standard yet different manufacturers use different On-Board-Diagnostic Modes. With it’s latest OBD-II version 6 diagnostics technology, it can read all the 10 modes of OBD. What that means? You can use the device, literally, with any OBD enabled vehicle.

•    Longer Data Accessibility:

As soon as, the scanner is attached to the OBD-II port of the vehicle, it can fetch and present the live diagnostic data. Although, the data is presented in an intuitive manner and immediately informs you of the problem in the vehicle yet you can save and export the data for later use. This function comes handy if you want deeper analysis using vehicle diagnostic apps like DashControl or TorquePro. The engine scan history can be retrieved anytime in the nearest future unless you manually delete such information.


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•    Wider Code Library:

During the research of this launch crp123 review we found that it is not a typical OBD2 engine diagnostic scanner but a CAN enabled device as well. That means, it enables you to find malfunctions in engine mechanism but also enables you to find if there is any trouble with ABS, SRS, EPS or Transmission System of the vehicle.

In reference to this, the tool is also appropriate for all US motor vehicles as well as diverse range of automobiles that are manufactured from Asia and Europe.

•    Enhanced Display:

The screen area occupies the total surface area of the device, thus, making the code reading an “easy-cheesy” task. The vehicle diagnostic codes related to the engine, Anti-Brake Lock System (ABS), Safety Restraint System (SRS), Transmission or EPS are displayed as an alpha-numeric value.

A small snippet also appears along with the alpha-numeric code describing the problem in a simple (layman) language so that you don’t have to go searching for the meaning of it from a code manual. You need to check the manual only where you want a thorough explanation of the problem. After a little experience, I doubt you will ever need the manual as the snippet will be enough to understand the trouble codes.

Additionally, If any problem is found, the scanner beeps and an illumination light turns on to direct your attention to the issue.

•    Compact Size & Weight:

In particular, the dimensions of the product makes it portable enough with its 9.2 inches in length, 7.8 inches in breadth and 1.7 inches in height. The screen area occupies the majority of the space so as to display data that is easy to read. The overall weight of the device grosses 1.4 pounds. All these features make it an easy to carry product.

•    No Installation Hassles:

Although the device comes with a CD but you might never need to use it. It’s like a plug and play device and doesn’t require any software to run. All it requires is connecting it with the Port using the 16 pin connector chord that comes with it. As soon as it’s connected, it starts diagnosing the vehicle engine when you tell it to do so by touching the right buttons displayed on the screen.

•    Support:

The company provides an excellent after-sales service. If you face any trouble using the device or it’s not working as it should ( which we never heard of in Launch Tech crp123 review), just raise a ticket on the manufacturer’s official website and a qualified technician would attend you.

•    Future Proof:

Launch Tech releases Code-Updates from time to time. Just attach the device with a PC and run the updater that you will find in the CD. Within a few minutes the code library of the device is updated and you can use it with the latest vehicles. You don’t have to buy an additional scanner for the newly launched automobile.

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Who Benefits From The Launch CRP123 Creader 

The device is intended for intermediate and advanced enthusiasts. It is designed for auto mechanics and also for car repairing shops owners. And if one can afford it, why not? As well as normal people.

Because it was designed for professionals in mind, the quality standards are very high. That’s the reason the tool might appear to be a bit over-priced and may seem in-affordable. But it’s a real value for money piece of garage arsenal.

The product is for anyone who wants a handy device for a timely monitoring of his/her OBD-2 vehicle and want to avoid any major engine issues.

I Want To Give A Final Advice


I just love Launch CRP123 Creader Scanner in particular, and loved writing this review about it’s powerful features. During my research, I couldn’t find even a single dissatisfied customer with negative review of any kind.

All those who bought it, eventually, fell in love with the launch crp123. So I suggest, don’t get overwhelmed with the wide range of devices available in the market. Just save on your pocket with Launch Tech CRP123 creader.

Talking about the Launch Tech company, I must say, they are a reputable brand with a great track record backed up by quality products and a long list of satisfied customers. In case, you have any trouble with your device or the device is not compatible with your vehicle, whatever you want to know or talk about you have an assistant ready to help you. Their customer care services are always on hand to help you in whatever you want to know or advice.

How To Use Launch CRP123 Instructional Video



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