Maxidas DS708 vs OTC Genisys 3875 vs Launch Tech CRP123 Comparison

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OBD II engine check scanners have enabled to ease the workload for technicians who attend to vehicle issues. The devices have the capability of scanning through the database of a vehicle and identify the mechanical problem.

In my review, I will present a broad look at three different engine scanners. It will shed more light to all willing buyers, across the world, on which type of scanner to pick over the rest.

This review explains 3 high performing diag tools and tend to give insights specifically on service delivery and customer satisfaction.

The three are: Autel MaxiDAS DS708, OTC Genisys 3875 EVO Kit with System 5.0 & LaunchTech CRP123 &

 A Quick Comparison For The Core Features

Let’s quickly take a look at the unique features of the three scanners and note the differences among them. Also, I will explain the unique characteristics of the individual devices that give them an edge over each other.


Autel Maxidas DS 708 Autel Maxidas DS708 display screen is touch sensitive. The device comes with a wide screen of about 7 inch 800×480 pixels. It guarantees and places the device at higher levels of ranking about its display properties as compared to other devices. The screen is touch sensitive, and customers have shown a trend of preferring touch sensitive display screens as opposed to keypads as in the case of OTC Genisys.

Genisys 3875 EVO is characterized by its keypad that explains the level of technological advancement in its manufacturing. The keyboard that comes with it has brought up many negative reviews from customers who complain of its responsiveness when being operated.

Launch Tech 301050116 CRP123 ABS, SRS, Transmission and Engine Code Scanner

Launch Creader CRP123 device comes with a touch sensitive display screen capable of displaying the codes clearly to the user.

Basing our recommendations about the display features of the three OBD II engine scanners named above, I strongly advocate for either Autel Maxidas DS708 orLaunch Tech Creader Professional CRP123 and not OTC Genisys 3875 EVO. Many people have openly criticized the keypads as being non-responsive and faulty, especially with the aging of the device.


Maxidas DS708 is compatible with all kinds of OBD II compliant vehicles as well as supporting all the 5 OBD-II protocols. That’s not enough about this particular device; it has also been realized capable of supporting all the ten test modes.
Regarding compatibility, Launch Tech CRP123 matches the features of Autel DS708. This feature makes the two devices superior to Genisys 3875 EVO, which comes with “5.0 system”. The previous two devices come with “6.0 system” which is a slightly better and advanced version of the software.


It brings us to our following decision-making criteria where if we decide to go by the level of software used to run the devices, then Genisys will be the least preferred among the three. Another factor that many people tend not to consider when purchasing these OBD II engine scanners is portability of the device.

The Autel Maxidas DS 708 is designed in a way that makes it portable and flexible to be used in any geographical region. The device is small and compact, but its functionality is above average. Many reviews from its users across the globe returned positive feedback about its portability. The device is said to be small enough to fit into a small package and with this feature, it was able to sell to many customers as compared to the other different automotive engine scanners.

OTC Genisys EVO 3875 comes with a heavy plastic briefcase like a package that makes it heavy and big to hinder its portability from one place to another. It is a factor that buyers of the device have complained and returned negative feedbacks concerning its package. Launch Tech Creader CRP 123 comes in a huge box as well. It makes its portability an issue of concern, hence making Maxidas DS708 the people’s choice.

Technological Advancement

It is common knowledge to every individual in this universe that technology happens to be the core factor in determining the type of engine scanners to purchase. I thought it wise enough to share another shortcoming of device OTC Genisys. This kind of engine scanner does not support OEM diagnostics like the other two devices in this comparison discussion.

OEM is an abbreviation standing for Original Equipment Manufacturers. OTC Genisys requires some special cables to make it capable of supporting the said functionality. It makes the process of purchasing the device even more expensive for the simple reason that the tool calls for extra unique cables that comes with a price tag to it.


The functionality of the tool plays a significant role in its purchase. Genisys is slow in displaying the live data. There is a lag time of several seconds before it is ready to show the results after processing. Time is money as the saying goes, and if one can be entirely dependent on a device that is slow in performing its function he or she should be braced for major disappointments.

Settle on a device that is responsive and makes your work easier and fun to be indulged in. Also, the price of OTC Genisys 3875 is not pocket-friendly to the majority of people wishing to purchase engine scanners. The stiff buttons that are hard to press make people question its cost well knowing the level of technological features that comes with the device. The other two are better choices.

After Sales Service

Of the three engine scanners named above, only Launch Tech CRP 123 code reader prides in having a state of the art after sale service. If the device acts upon and stops functioning as intended and expected by its user, one only need to access its website support column, and there is always a technician on standby to attend to customer queries. Who will want a gadget that when it’s time to seek help from professionals and experts, there is no available assistance coming your way?

Final Advice

If you want me suggesting you just one device, I must say, go with Launch Tech Creader Professional CRP123. No doubt, it excels among the 3. The next recommendation is Autel Maxidas DS708. You can choose any of the two as per your budget and personal preferences. But OTC Genisys 3875 is the least recommended. I believe it’s an outdated model that doesn’t satisfy the modern needs. No hard feelings please, but you must avoid it.

It brings me to my conclusion of this comparison article. It is, therefore, important to highlight the pros and cons of each and every device before the actual purchase to make an informed decision. We all have different tastes and preferences, and with the information, we have acquired from this comparison reviews, I am sure that the chances of making an informed decision are at our disposal.


If you want to read more in-depth unbiased reviews of each of these automotive diagnostic tools, choose one from Maxidas DS708 Review or  Launch Creader CRP123 Review or OTC Genisys 3875 Review

There are more factors to consider and look for in addition to what I have shared with you all in my comparison review. It’s now up to you as a willing buyer to conduct more of fact finding and explanations so as to avoid future avoidable regrets. I firmly believe that this piece of information was helpful to many and will remain relevant many years to come!!



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