Autel MaxiScan MS409 OBD-II EOBD Scanner

MaxiScan MS409 OBD-II/EOBD Scanner Review

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When it comes to diagnosing your car, there would be times that you would just like one simple tool to get the job done for you. This is because it might not always be feasible that you would go under the hood in order to determine why your check engine light is blinking.

It would be because of this reason that you might consider using a diagnostic scan tool in order to make the job easier for you.

Introducing The MaxiScan MS409 Scanner

All that being said, we would now be reviewing Autel MaxiScan MS409. This is because it has been designed to provide quick, easy, and dependable access to Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and their definitions for OBD2-compliant vehicles when the check engine light in your vehicle would come on.

The good thing about using this scanner tool is that you would find majority of the vehicles in today’s roads to be compliant with the OBD2 standards. It would be because of this reason that you would have no trouble at all in finding your car model and make and then linking that with the problem that you would currently be facing.

The rugged exterior and ease of use with the large back-light display screen would make the MaxiScan MS409 an indispensable tool in the garage of any vehicle owner.

Features of Autel MaxiSCan MS409 OBD or EOBD Scanner

OBD2 compliant

The best part about this automotive diagnostic tool is that you would find it to be compliant with all or majority of the OBD2 standards and even CANs. This means that it would tend to work well with all vehicles after the year 1996.

So, no matter how old you might consider your vehicle to be, you would easily be able to look it up and see if relevant information could be found or not.

In addition, you would also find a large database of European, American, and Asian vehicles, thus making your task all the easier.

Freeze frame data

The freeze frame data feature would allow you to make the data come to a standstill so that you would be able to take a closer look at it. This is because it might not always be possible that you would be able to look at everything in a glance and then understand what problem you would be dealing with.

With the help of the freeze frame data feature, you would be able to store and then take a look at the information later on. Since all this data would be stored in the memory of the diagnostic scan tool, it would mean that you could retrieve and go through it later on as well.

Memory and battery backup

When using an electronic gadget of any sort, the worst part would be when you would be in the middle of something important and the battery would then run out. After that, you would have nothing else to do but wait while your scan tool would recharge.

In this case, you would not need to be worried of anything of that sort. This is because the MaxiScan MS409 tends to come with memory and battery backup. This means that you would be able to conduct off-vehicle data review and analysis, as per your convenience.

Multilingual menu

The main reason why majority of the diagnostic scan tools seem to be suffering in the market is their absence of providing multiple languages.

This is because the manufacturers simply assume that everybody would be able to read and understand English, and then find out the solution to their problem.

However, that might not seem to be the case everywhere. That is why you would find this one to be a joy to use. With DTC definitions and a multilingual menu, you would face no trouble at all in using this.

Backlight LED screen

You will find the MaxiScan MS409 OBD to feature a large and well backlight LED screen. It will also be for this reason that it has been regarded to be an indispensable tool in the garage of any vehicle owner.

Because you will be able to view and analyze all the scan codes without having to squint your eyes and enlarging the screen.

In this case, you will also not face the problem of the brightness dying down if you will find yourself in a darkened space.

Memory/battery backup

Thanks to the memory and battery backup, you will never have to worry about all your stored scan codes to be lost. The memory backup feature will allow you to take a look at off-vehicle data review and analysis.

As for the battery backup, this will ensure that your scanning and repair process will be ongoing. In this way, you will not have to worry about the battery dying out and you having to keep an alternative option.

All this can also be done while your engine will be switched off, thus making the entire process vastly easier upon yourself.

Software upgrade

Once you connect this scan tool with the internet, you would be able to enjoy software upgrades over time.

Even though this might not seem like a pretty big deal to you, it would indeed be quite important if you would like this tool to be running successfully over the years.

All you would have to do is create an account in the website, conduct the registration, and you would then be good to go.

Emissions testing

The diagnostic scan tool would also display monitor and I/M readiness status that would be necessary for required emissions testing.

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  • You would be able to know for sure when your vehicle would be ready for emissions testing
  • You would be able to identify why your check engine light came on, fix the problem, and then turn it off
  • You would be able to save your precious money at the repair shop by telling them exactly what would need to be fixed. If needed, you would be able to shop for the necessary parts and then fix the problem on your own
  • You could become confident in your ability to fix your own vehicle.


  • The tool does not seem to identify problems with vehicles before the year 1996
  • Upgrading the software could sometimes be difficult
  • Support response may be slow at times.

Final verdict

Thus, that brings us to the end of the review of the MaxiScan MS409. That being said, there seems to be no doubt that this would be a very serviceable tool for both amateurs and professionals alike. This also seems to be available at a price that could be considered to be highly affordable. With just one scan, you would be able to recoup the cost of your vehicle’s repair.

How to Use Autel MaxiScan MS409 to fix Check Engine Light Video



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