OTC Genisys 3875 EVO OBD II: A Tool For The Professionals

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Schumacher SC-1200A-CA Speed Charge
1) compatible with the optional 4-channel scope and 5-gas analyzer.
2) With standard productivity features like the All-system DTC Test.
3) Featuring the System 5.0 with Code-Assist and Repair-Trac experienced-based Confirmed Fixes from Identifix
4) And fast fixes information, InfoTech Component Information software, Automated System Test, etc
RATINGS: 3.4 out of 5 Stars

Modern and upcoming designs vehicles are advancing in technology. The more advanced the technology is getting the complex it is becoming to keep track on the system. The situation is even more daunting if you own an automotive repairing workshop and has to diagnose lots of vehicles per day. It raised the demand for a reliable vehicle diagnostic code scanner specially made for professionals.

Genisys 3875 EVO has the keen ability and power to diagnose the multiple systems on variety of cars and light trucks. If you want a high return on your investment and tremendous results, I personally recommend for you this powerful OBD-II scanning tool because it won’t let you down.

Let’s dig deeper into exploring the exciting features that it offers:

Things We Love About Genisys 3875 EVO Diag Tool


  • Equipped with “5.0 system”. The system is a new set of standard that ensures better data analysis, wider compatibility and lesser ommissions.
  • The higher RAM and ultra fast processer boots the device up within as low time-period as 8 seconds. So fast is the diagnostic (DTC Check) speed.
  • Includes more than 30 million code-assist. Perhaps, it has the biggest error-code library so far. Moreover, the library is constantly updated with new releases that cover wide range of vehicles from US, Europe, and Asia.
  • Faster asynchronous data refresh. You can keep on repairing the fault and check the new status simultaneously. Alongside, it keeps track on the functioning of other digital areas of the vehicle.
  • Extra attention has been paid to the design of the product in terms of ease of use. The scanner is designed so as one can efficiently operate it using single hand.
  • Automatic simulates and perform various tests to check every possible malfunction. Thanks to its advanced algorithm.
  • The screen displays four different graphs at the same time. A very handy feature.


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Things We Seem To  Dislike About OTC Genisys 3875


  • It’s has a keypad based design not touch-based. Sometimes, the stiff buttons are hard to press.
  • It is quite slow to display the live data. There is a delay of a few seconds between fetching and displaying the live data.
  • I am definitely not happy with it’s battery backup. It’s a kind of average and you might have to recharge it after every 3-4 hours of continuous usage.
  • It doesn’t support OEM diagnostics.

Here’s What You’ll Enjoy From OTC Genisys 3875 EVO OBD II


The code scanner comes with some of the most prominent features that offer a great value. The tool serves mid and large shop owners. Let’s explore how can it ease your life:

  • Advanced Diagnostic System: The Genisys 3875 EVO OBD II runs on “Diagnostic System 5.0” that covers a broad range of vehicles. It has a code-assist library including 30 million code-assist from Identifix which is far more than any other OBD-II scanning tool. The system fetches the error code and displays the detail on the same screen that eliminates the need for referring to the code manual.
  • Mode 6 Technology: The tool equips Mode-6 technology that separates it from being just an engine scanner and enables it to diagnose and test other areas like Emission Control, ABS, etc. Mode 6 is the latest OBD standard till date.
  • Intuitive Design: No doubt, the device has a touch of style and masculinity. It starts with a beautiful screen that presents the data in an organised manner. Right below the screen is the button to perform the essential operations. I can’t help mentioning it’s search feature. You can find the answer to your queries using it’s built-in search function even if the device is not connected to the internet.
  • Quick DTC Scan: In a busy shop, time is the money. You cannot wait for hours to diagnose just one vehicle. That’s where this device is your companion. The scanner is made for speed that fetches the diagnostic troubles and represents on the screen within seconds.
    To further ease your job, the tool displays the suggested solutions to eliminate the error. You don’t have to reach the code manual every time. The tool does its best to present it on screen in a descriptive manner.
  • Easy Maintenance Test Navigation: The serves Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who deals in preparing the sub-parts or systems for some other company’s main product. The tool helps them in testing the parts like – the light resets, brake bleeds, oil changes and many other functions. The device system is designed to list up the “Maintenance Test” and “Reset Controls” on the screen as per the specific engine’s requirement.
  • Additional Coding: The device gets regular updates and even custom updates based on requests. So you are always up with the technology advancement and the tool is not going to be an obsolete one near in future.
  • Other Features: Further features include Pathfinder software, InfoTech software, Automated System Test, OBD-II smart cables, user manuals for guidance and instructions, amazing carrying case for protection. The device is also compatible with other subsidiaries like 4-Channel Scope and 5-Gas Analyser.

Who is OTC Genisys 3875 EVO OBD II Diagnostic System For?

Obviously, not for the beginners or the common people. The rough and tough design, super fast speed, high set of standards, high price, cutting-edge support are not much useful for common people but lovable by the professionals. If you are an owner of a small, mid or large vehicle repairing house, no doubt, this device is a must for you.

Additionally, OEM labelled manufacturers can use the device to perform Quality Check as the instrument simulates fake tests as well. Today you buy Genisys 3875 EVO OBD II, Tomorrow you’ll be glad you did.

OTC Genisys 3875 EVO Features Review Video


In Conclusion


Genisys 3875 EVO OBD II has the keen ability and power to diagnose multiple systems on a variety of cars and light trucks. If you want a great return on your investment and tremendous results, I recommend to you this powerful OBD-II scanning equipment. Moreover, it’s all about your business, and you cannot game on or select by low price.

In my review, I found it to be a value for money product. Once it’s in your toolkit, you will see it covers it’s cost within few days with its great features. Not to say that there are no better obdii scanner designed for pro shop owners and home DIYers like these. And of course more expensive.

‘Genisys’ is a reputed brand that is serving it’s clients worldwide for many years and has a large pool of satisfied customer. ‘Genisys 3875 EVO OBD II’ is it’s latest launch for it’s Engine Scanner Product Series. With each new launch, Genisys is providing better and more value to it’s customers. This tool is not an exception, and you can rely on it.

I forgot to mention that the company provides an exceptional After Sales service. So there is nothing that you should hesitate about for buying this scanner. Hope that helped. Happy Scanning Buddy.


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