P144C Ford-Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, & Fixes

P144C Ford: A Trouble Code

P144C is a Ford-only problem with the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) trouble code. The EVAP canister purge check valve is not performing within spec. Here EVAP belongs to Evaporative Emission System. The actual work of this system is to control the fuel vapor. This P144C trouble in Ford Focus may occur if the purge valve is stuck and cannot perform On-Off operations efficiently.

The P144C problem is sorted out by replacing the EVAP purge valve. But the replacement process may be a little tricky, too, because of the tightness of the engine compartments. This P144C code is not considered a code of breakdown risk. This code mainly stores the Powertrain Control Module or, in short, PCM memory.

Why Does P144C Trouble Problem Arise?

       The crucial role of the EVAP purge valve is to take fuel vapors from the gas tank fed up to the intake manifold, where it is appropriately burnt. In everyday driving, the PCM system tests the EVAP purge check valve in each drive.

This PCM system test considers the tank pressure calibrations so that this pressure does not exceed the optimum level. If the pressure values exceed the average level, the PCM system considers it a fault, and hence, P144C is triggered.

Common Causes of P144C trouble in Ford

This P144C is a pervasive code being observed in turbocharged Fords. Some of the most common causes of its occurrence include

  • Mail-functioning in EVAP Ejector
  • Faulty EVAP check valve
  • A blockage between EVAP and the intake air system
  • EVAP check valve being stuck on closing and open

The inspection should be started from EVAP hoses to find the fault in the EVAP purge valve. Then try to use a scanner to command the EVAP check valve to observe its open and close system.

Symptoms of P144C Trouble in Ford Focus

The lousy efficiency of the EVAP purge check valve causes the P144C trouble in Ford’s automobiles. The main symptom of the issue P144C in Ford is to check the engine light. The problems in the EVAP system do not affect the drive.

How to Fix the Trouble P144C in Ford Focus?

Some models of the Ford Focus were built in 2013 with a specific engine named Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection (GTDI) engine. These engines were supposed to have a Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) to stay on. It also has a trouble code P144C stored in the memory of the powertrain control module. 

The main reason for the trouble code P144C in Ford is the blocked vapor purge line port in the outlet pipe assembly of the air cleaner.

The following are the service procedure steps that are needed to troubleshoot the P144C (malfunctioning in the EVAP valve) in Ford Focus:

Step # 1

       If necessary, remove the engine cover to get access.

Step # 2

       Refer this problem to the Workshop Manual (WSM) for repair, and ensure you have disconnected the battery’s ground cable.

Step # 3

       Precisely inspect the vapor ejector installation to see whether its arrow indicates the proper working of the Vapor Ejector Installation.

Step # 4

       Now, lose the two clamps and remove only the bolt of 2.0L. It is also desirable to clear the air intake duct center.

Step # 5

       The evaporative emission canister purge valve is replaced in this step, as referred to in the Workshop Manual (WSM) section.

Step # 6

       Now disconnect the connection of the evaporative emission vapor purge line from the duct of the air intake center.

Step # 7

       After disconnecting the purge valve, this is the time to insert a plastic tie-strap into the vapor purge line port on the intake duct center section. This plastic tie-strap must be 4.0 mm wide for proper system operation. This plasti tie-strape is used to check whether this blockage occurred due to flashing.

       It is desirable to have a slight bend in this strap to access the angled port orifice easily. Follow the bellow-mentioned guidelines if the relevant condition arises: 

If the tie-strap passes quickly through the vapor purge line portIf the tie-strap does not pass quickly through the vapor purge line port
Replace the assembly with having air cleaner outlet pipe. Now tighten the clamp and bolt by applying a pressure of around 5 N*m. Make sure that this pressure is used only on the bolt with 2.0L.Install the air intake duct center and tighten all the fasteners with 5 N*m.

Step # 8

       Connect the assembly of the air intake duct center with the evaporative emission vapor purge line, as referred to in the Workshop Manual.  

Step # 9

       Connect the battery’s ground cable as referred to in the Workshop Manual. Also, install the engine cover if it was removed from doing all the repairing steps.

FAQs Regarding Trouble Code P144C in Ford Focus

1-What is an EVAP ejector?

These turbocharged engines link the vacuum in line with the EVAP purge with the intake air system.

2-What is s vapor purge valve?

This purge valve is one of the primary components of your vehicle’s evaporative emission control (EVAP) system. This purge valve is used to trap the air in the tank and ensures to prevent its escape.

3-Is it safe to drive with a faulty purge valve?

Driving with a faulty purge valve may not be able to keep the harmful vapors, and ultimately, these will leave the tailpipe. This escape will cause environmental pollution and may fail the emission control testing.

Final Thoughts

       The malfunction in the Ford with a trouble code of P144C indicates the fault in the EVAP canister purge check valve, which is not performing within spec. Here PCM system tests the EVAP purge check valve in each drive to see whether it is working correctly.

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