How Long Does a Chevy Traverse Last?

When it comes to car ownership, many people want to know how long their vehicle will last. For those considering a Chevy Traverse, you may wonder how long you can expect it to stay in working order. This blog post will look at a Chevy Traverse’s average lifespan. Moreover, we will explore what customers’ reports say about the longevity of Traverse. So read on to learn all about Chevy Traverse’s longevity and reliability.

The estimated lifespan of Chevy Traverse

The Chevy Traverse was introduced in 2009. It has become a popular choice for many families due to its comfortable ride, spacious interior, and fuel efficiency. According to manufacturers, a Chevy Traverse should last 150,000 to 200,000 miles. In other words, the average life expectancy of a Chevrolet Traverse is between 10-15 years.

Real-time customers reports regarding the longevity of Traverse

One of the best ways to gauge how long a Chevy Traverse will last is to look at reports from customers who are currently driving them. These vehicles have a good track record for reliability, and many customers report owning them for up to 10 years without major issues.

Many current owners have shared their experiences with the Traverse on forums and review sites. Some users report owning their Traverse for more than 150,000 miles, while others have gone as high as 200,000 miles or more. Many of these owners report that their vehicles have required little maintenance beyond regular oil changes and tire rotations at 150K miles.

Moreover, in a survey, 10.876 Traverses were resold last year in the U.S. 5.18% of them had crossed 150K miles. 17 % had crossed 50K miles. Traverses with 100K to 145K were 21.4%, and 56% of cars had reached 45K to 99K. 5.18 % may seem a very low figure to you. But that’s not the case. For cars, manufacturers usually expect a minimum of 3 % to reach 150K miles, and for SUVs, they generally estimate 5-8 %. Since Traverse is a mid-size SUV, 5.18 % is a good sign.

Overall, most owners seem to be quite satisfied with their Traverse’s performance and longevity. It is not uncommon for these vehicles to last well over 150,000 miles with minimal maintenance and repairs. It makes them great for those looking for an affordable, reliable SUV.

The difference in lifespan among models or generations of Chevy Traverse

While Traverse is a long-lasting vehicle if properly cared for, some models may not last as many years as others. These are generally first-generation models. Many consumers reported engine failure as early as 90K miles in models ranging from 2009 to 2012. Moreover, 2013, 2014, and 2015 models have also been known to experience problems with the transmission, suspension, brakes, and cooling system before reaching 100K. Some customers have also reported poor mileage in several of these model years.

Why first-generation Traverses don’t last long?

The major reasons behind this decrease in life span include engine type and transmission types. First-gen Traverses often had issues with their 6-speed automatic transmissions and their 3.6L V6 engines, leading to premature wear and tear. Furthermore, these vehicles lacked some of the features and safety technology that later generations had, which could have helped with longevity.

Chevy traverse’s longevity vs. similar mid-size SUVs

To help you make a more wise decision, let’s compare the longevity of the Chevy Traverse with similar mid-size SUVs.

VehicleAverage lifespanHighest lifespan
Chevy Traverse200,000250,000
GMC Acadia200,000240,000
Toyota Sequoia260,000300,000
Chevy Blazer190,000220,000
Toyota Highlander270,000350,000
Mitsubishi Outlander200,000250,000

According to the J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study, the Toyota Sequoia and Toyota Highlander ranked higher than the Chevy Traverse regarding dependability. The average number of miles on a Toyota Sequoia is approximately 260,000. And the Toyota Highlander has an average of 270,000 miles. However, the average number of miles on a Chevy Traverse is around 200,000.

It puts the Traverse below its competitors for dependability, but not by much. Moreover, Chevy Blazer, GMC Acadia, and Mitsubishi Outlander have almost the same average mileage as Traverse. Thus, if you own one of these cars, you can expect it to last as long as any of these models.

However, some factors can affect the life expectancy of your Traverse. It includes regular maintenance and how you drive your car. If you practice proper maintenance and drive your car carefully, you can expect your Chevy Traverse to last up to 200,000 miles or even longer. For example, some Chevrolet Traverse owners have reported having their vehicles last over 250,000 miles with a few major problems! Taking proper care of your car can maximize its lifespan. Thus, you can enjoy your Traverse for many years.

Signs that alarm you to replace your Chevy Traverse

It can be difficult to know when it’s time to say goodbye to your beloved vehicle. But here are a few key signs that your Chevy Traverse may have reached its expiration date:

Excessive Rust:

Rust can become a serious problem if left unchecked, as it can weaken your vehicle’s frame and other components. Take the time to regularly inspect your Traverse for rust and get it addressed if needed.

Strange Noises:

Many strange noises can be signs of something more serious. Hence, if you notice any new rattles, squeaks, or clunks, you may consider replacing your vehicle.

Malfunctioning Electronics:

If you have a newer Traverse, you likely depend on its electronic systems to get you safely from point A to point B. If any of these systems stop working or appear unreliable, you should consider replacing your car.

Poor Performance:

If your Traverse struggles to accelerate or maintain speed, this could signal engine trouble requiring replacing the car. You should also pay attention to the brakes, and steering wheel.

Common problems with Traverse and their cost of repairs

Owners of the Chevy Traverse have reported several common issues with their vehicles. Some of these problems may be expensive to repair. Hence, it’s important to be aware of them and have your Traverse regularly checked out by a certified mechanic.

Brakes and suspension system problems

The most common complaints with Traverse are related to the brakes and suspension systems. Issues with the brakes include premature brake wear, noise, squeal, and excessive pedal travel. Common suspension problems include rattling noises, worn control arm bushings, clunking noises, and uneven tire wear. The cost of repairs for these types of problems can range from $ 370 to $ 475.

Engine problems:

Another common issue with Traverse is engine problems. It can range from oil leaks to piston failure. Repair costs can vary significantly depending on the cause of the engine problem. Common repairs include replacing gaskets and pistons and repairing or replacing the entire engine. To replace the engine of a Chevy Traverse, you should have a budget of $ 500 to $ 600. However, the figure can vary from region to region.

Transmission issues

Other common issues with the Traverse include transmission problems such as rough shifting, difficulty in downshifting, or slipping gears. This issue can be costly to fix and requires specialized diagnostic equipment. You can expect to pay $ 3000 for a transmission rebuild in Traverse.

Electrical issues

In addition to the mechanical problems, some owners have reported electrical issues. It includes door locks and windows malfunctioning, instrument panel dimming, and dashboard warning lights coming on. These issues are typically resolved with simple software updates. The cost of repairing these issues is usually low, i.e., $ 90 to $ 100. However, if the problem persists, you may need to replace the affected components, which can be costly.

To conclude

The Chevy Traverse is a reliable mid-size SUV that can last for 15 years or 150K to 200K miles with proper maintenance and care. By paying attention to warning signs, doing regular oil changes and other routine maintenance, and taking care of any repairs that come up quickly, you can ensure your Chevy Traverse will remain a reliable ride for many years.

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