How To Reset the Anti-Theft System on A Ford Focus

Ford Focus is a fantastic and comfortable choice for those fresh drivers who want a sporty as well as budget-friendly with 5-door hatchback at the same time. It is a small-sized car that is precious, practical, and affordable. It is one of those automobiles which are easy to drive and require simple operation for working.

The Ford is the compact segment of automobiles with a Sedan body type. Its first generation was manufactured in 1998 by Ford Motor. This car uses Volvo Modular engine for operation. The size of its tyres is around 185/65 R14. The fuel type used in these automobiles is petrol with Automatic transmission.

Many other latest technology options, like Sync connectivity, MyFord Touch multimedia system, a self-parking system, etc., are also found in the most recent generations of the Ford Focus.

Generations of Ford Focus

Ford Focus is a compact or C-segment automobile manufactured there in Europe. Here is the description of the models of the generations, along with their years of manufacturing.

  • The first generation C170 manufactured in 1998
  • Second generation C307 manufactured in 2004
  • Third-generation C346 manufactured in 2010
  • Fourth generation C519 manufactured in 2019

Anti-Theft System in Automobiles

The Anti-Theft system in your new Ford is one of its best features. One of the best options in this automobile is that the Anti-Theft system in Ford Focus is cost-effective and pre-installed instead of an expensive Anti-Theft system.  

All the Ford Focus models are now equipped with an anti-theft system; such working equipment is known as a SecuriLock. This SecuriLock works as a passive anti-theft system. Two specially coded keys are used to work with the vehicle; however, a car possessing a valet feature is supposed to perform this function with three keys.

If someone tries some nefarious method to open the car, this system shuts off the power supply to the engine and becomes inactive.

How to Turn Off the Anti-Theft System of a Car

There are several ways the Anti-Theft system of an automobile could be deactivated. Before going to check malfunctioning in your car, by following the steps below, ensure that all the vehicle door locks are in average condition and that no one got damaged during a theft attempt. On the other hand, if you find any damage in the car’s door locks, consult with the dealer before making any further attempts. Some of the methods to follow afterward are


  • Someone’s to insert the key in the driver’s side lock.
  • Once turn your key. After this, keep the key inside for almost one minute.
  • Next, turn the key on the opposite side and remove the key.
  • Now start your vehicle’s engine, but the system will demand


  • If the car’s battery dies, the same issue will be observed in the Ford Focus, and the system will need to reset.
  • Insert the ignition key, and turn it along the electrical system; if the display on the steering wheel’s back side shows a blinking anti-theft light, follow the next step.
  • Leave the ignition key inside it for almost three minutes after the closure of the anti-theft system.
  • You will be in the position to start the engine.
  • If the first attempt goes unfruitful, repeat the above two steps several times.

How to Reset the Anti-Theft System of a Ford Focus

It is important to notice all the keys carefully because the car will only start if they are correctly used. You must check a few things before going to the dealer for repair. These are

  • Choose the correct key for the car
  • Check the activation of the SecuriLock system
  • Stop using extra electronic devices and smart keys
  • Inspection of the ignition key
  • Checking the ignition lock on the steering console

Step # 1

 Choose the Correct Key for the Car

You must select the most appropriate key for your car. You may find it with some primary sound features, but it will be efficient and reliable to work. If the proper key is not used to turn on any door lock in an unauthorized way (i.e., stealing), the anti-theft system will stop the engine.

If the owner’s correct key is not recognized on the first attempt, let the key inside the lock for some time so it can be identified, and then retry to open the lock.

Step # 2

Check the Activation of the SecuriLock System

Firstly, lock the car and press the “Lock” button twice on the key fob to check whether the SecuriLock system gets activated. If the horn sounds, then this is an indication of the system activation. Now unlock the car using the key fob, and you will observe that the system has been deactivated. This deactivation is the time to start the vehicle with the help of an authorized ignition key. Only an activated anti-theft system will let the engine operate.

Step # 3

Stop using Extra Electronic Devices and Smart Keys

Prohibit those electronic devices and smart keys from the key ring, which are used to purchase gasoline quickly. These keys may interrupt the ignition key’s working and may result in engaging the SecuriLock system.

Hence, to maintain the efficiency of the anti-theft system of automobiles, prefer using something other than such intelligent keys and electronic devices.

Step # 4

Inspection of the Ignition Key

Examine the ignition key to overcome the risks of physical damage in your vehicle. If somehow this ignition key gets crushed, then the chip inside it with no longer be able to work effectively. Even if it is an authorized one person tries to open it, the SecuriLock system in this condition with not recognize it.

One of the reasons for physical damage in the ignition key is the invalid insertion of the key or something else in the lock opening port, and the wrong opening opens the lock. Contact the dealer in such circumstances so they can guide you on the most appropriate recovery method.

Step # 5

Checking the Ignition Lock on the Steering Console

Suppose you want to keep an eye on the damage and malfunction in the steering console of a vehicle. In that case, it is necessary to check the working of the ignition lock to determine whether its functionalities are appropriate. If a person tries to steal your car and has activated the SecuriLock system, then contact the dealership to deactivate the SecuriLock system. This move will keep your automobile secured.

Final Thoughts

The SecuriLock of automobiles saves your vehicle when someone tries to steal it. The selection of the correct ignition key is a preliminary demand. Its working must be appropriately checked to limit the physical damages in the vehicle. If someone stole your car, contact the dealer as soon as possible to deactivate the SecuriLock system of your vehicle.

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